Monday, October 1

over the week-end...........

My new bunny...............does it look like chocolate to YOU?
My new neato pan. I love old pans like this. I got the clothes pins too because they looked very old.........kinda worn and used.
I trimmed Lydia's hair so she could brush it and do it herself. It is some kind of THICK.
Cocoa-flan cake our new church member's brought to our house. I hemmed some pants for them and this is what she gave in return. I asked if she had any more pants they needed hemmed............this was one of the best desserts I have ever eaten. The top was perfectly 'flanned'!
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hon rosie said...

I COULD brush it out when it was longer, I just had trouble putting it up into something. Now I ware it in head-bands. I LOVE it that way! Thanks Momom!! ;)

Mrs.B said...

It looks very nice! (o:

jennifer said...

I must confess I love peeking at your blog. You tell so many stories with such sweet simple photos.

I love this so much and must share we have many similar taste! In collecting, and in the cocoa flan!lol

Chas said...

That flan looks wonderful!
Lydia's hair looks great too!
That bunny does look like chocolate!!!
Have a great day my friend!

webmaster said...

I love Lydia's new look. Her hair is beautiful. Mine is very thick too, so I can sympathize with trying to style extremely thick hair.

Oh, and I would just love a piece of that dessert!!!

Charity Grace said...

Whoops, I'm not webmaster! How do I keep doing this?!

jennifer said...

Thanks for all the entries to the caption contest from all the Mobunny gang...but thinks you need to swing over and see the winners of the caption contest!!!!


jennifer said...

It's me again! Come over to pen of jen...I hope you don't mind I mentioned your kids!

Sally said...

I am the mama of honrosie's friend, booklover. So nice to meet you, what a lovely blog! I was wondering if your friend also gave you the RECIPE for that flan cake?? (If so, please share, please?) Oh, and great post about complaining. May I quote you on my blog? I am so guilty... :o(

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Sally, you can quote me on your blog and I'll see if I can get the recipe. Thanks for hopping by!