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15 Hour Documentary 6:30 AM-9:30 PM

This is the first thing I did. Put some *pop* in the fridge. If you haven't tried Shasta Crème Soda, you MUST. We got a new Kroger.  It's the 3rd Kroger I've shopped at in our area since we moved here. I don't like the new's the size of a small city, but they stopped carrying SHASTA. Guess they needed more room for home décor and yogurt. 
Then, of course, I make coffee.  I like quotes, but they have to be profitable. Or funny. I don't like the *do as you please* type quotes.  But it's always OK to delight in small discoveries. Like a new bloom in the garden. 
I boiled eggs. 18 minutes, lots of salt in the water. One always seems to have to get attention. Don't be that egg. 
I wasn't going to put this picture up, but it WAS a part of my morning.  Rats in Blue's Room (or one rat) tried to chew through this container. It was a perfect container for bird seed. It was from roofing nails. Now it's useless. But HA. The rat got n…