Tuesday, July 22


How many songs do you sing along to.....
and don't even know the words.
Look them up.
It's all out there.
No need to hum anymore.

Saturday, July 19


I have loved Snoopy and Charlie Brown since I can remember.

I don't know how.....but it just seems
like a few words from Snoopy,
says a LOT.

It's always nice to have a friend.
Woodstock and Snoopy are friends.
Do you have a friend like this?
I do.

My dad always used to say:
"You can do it Charlie Brown."
That is the way he encouraged my sister and I.

If I had a t-shirt with this on it,
I bet I would be as happy as a room without a roof.

Not a bad thought.
Just let things go.

This actually isn't true.
Seems like Snoopy does what he wants.

I love Snoopy on ice.
When I was growing up, I had winter
hats like this......wish I still had one.
Then it would just be in the closet.
So, I guess I'm ok.


Can't say I always succeed at this one....


Snoopy always is.
When I was growing up, I had a poster with Snoopy on
a surfboard that said:
I always wondered what it meant.
Now I know.

Just a Saturday......

We were supposed to mow today.
The sun might come out,
but the yard is a swamp.
Maybe it will be dry Monday.
Then we will mow.

But, I will drink coffee.
I always know that.


Thursday, July 17


What is YOUR favorite song?
What song makes you feel
like the little girl
in the picture?
I will let you name off a few.
Because I couldn't name just one either.
(Darcel McCoy)
My God Is Real
What a Friend We Have In Jesus
The Love of God
The Train They Call the City of New Orleans

In Heaven

Sorry.....I don't know how to fix a link....
to make it say....GO HERE!
I don't put things like this up very often.....
but if you're ever in need of something to ponder
or read.....
go to this site in general.
The man that used to be pastor of
Lehigh Valley Baptist Church
is one of the missionaries my
husband and daughter visited in Africa.
It's always good to write out your story
because it could very well affect the heart
of somebody that doesn't have a story yet.
I have a salvation story,
a testimony,
do you?

Tuesday, July 15

Birthday 55

I turned 55 today.  My husband told me I could take up to two days to celebrate.  I chose one, and I chose Kemah.  Not such a great idea.  We should have remembered that places like that are pretty much closed down on Mondays.  Sure enough.  We did have a nice drive over there....fiddled around for a little bit, then headed to Galveston.  I always like Galveston.
Busy Bee
Alvin, Texas
Wish this place was in

Just the normal fare....
except for the manatee size
cinnamon roll.

Shots of the deserted shopping areas in Kemah.
Had I remembered the Monday thing,
we would have gone on Tuesday.
And I would have birthdayed myself
all day long today, too.

These bushes were electric green.
A picture doesn't do them justice.
I don't like bushes, but these were pretty neat.


Trying to remember why we didn't
go get some coffee.

I thought it would be fun to get a selfie with the Icee Bear.
A guy and his family walked by and saw my struggle.
So he took a good picture.
Thanks whoever you were!

Every place has one of these little leaky water parks.
No running.
This must be for insurance purposes
because nobody in their right minds think that
kids aren't going to run around in these play areas.
Unless, there were so many signs in the way, that you couldn't.

I love these birds.
The white is so white and the black is so black.
But then.....my third favorite color is gray.
I can't win.

The same people that let their kids run around in those
slick water parks.....probably feed the birds, too.
The signs that are everywhere are CRAZY.
Special diet?
Define that please.

No thanks.
I don't want to stand in a little area and feel
a hurricane. 

You know a horse will throw a shoe?
Well, a beach bum threw his flip-flops......

Before leaving Kemah, we stopped at Sonic.
Of course we pulled into this one.
What a nice sign to let people know.

We're randomly in Galveston, but hardly ride the ferry.
Sometimes I just don't want my hair messed up.
(NOT really)
Sometimes the weather is just pathetic, or we're short on time.
Today was perfect.

I look around at others....
It seems like only MY hair is messed up.

Cool Birds

Last stop was Salt Grass Steak House
This was our view.
Everything was very nice....until my husband realized
that what I was drinking was not water.
It was Sprite.
Hey, it was my birthday.

Sunday, June 8

I can't believe this.....

I have yet to find something that will take the place of a coffee filter.  I like to think I always have my ducks in a row, but obvidently I do not.  If I did, I would have coffee filters. They're cheap, easy to find, not heavy, but NOOOOOO.  What a way to start a morning.