Sunday, July 5

Magazine Articles....

I've looked at magazines since I learned how to read.
I've had a few subscriptions myself.
 Reader's Digest,
Birds and Blooms,
Texas Parks and Wildlife....
I prefer to buy them at a thrift store for a dime,
as opposed to the price at the store or through the mail.
I recently read an article in a popular magazine,
and could not believe my eyes.
We must beware of ridiculous teachings
that the world will put forth in such a form,
that if we speak against it,
WE are the ones with the problem.
(well, they MUST be right)
Following, five things you MUST adopt in your life to
be successful. 
Gossip at the office.
The unseemly pleasure to gossip can also be beneficial.
Have jokingly explicit trade-offs with your co-workers.
You present a tidbit, then your co-worker owes you one.
Information is power.
If you have the information, you can
easily knock out your opponent.
(the problem with this, is the same game
of gossip, will also be working
against YOU)
Embrace Sloth.
Veg out and do nothing for a change.
Americans take things too serious.
Every segment of our lives are filled.
Americans aren't good at relaxing.
It's very important to have idle days.
Eat meat.
Every once in a while, we should NOT be worried about
the environmental issues we cause when we eat meat.
But only eat meat on week-ends.
You'll appreciate it more.
Eat a pork chop and hamburger,
but only occasionally.
The author of this particular thought,
said she also eats healthy fruits.
IS there a fruit that isn't healthy?
(if I ever gave up meat, it wouldn't be because of
the environment, it would probably be
because of triglycerides)

Enjoy schaden-freude.
The writer admits that religious and secular scholars agree
that envy is awful. 
BUT, schaden-freude is the pleasure you get from the
misfortune of somebody else.
It can really feel great.
It's the joy you feel when you witness
 somebody is getting their just reward. 
The author says, you're not really rejoicing that people
suffer, but that you're just glad that the
KARMIC system works.  We ALL
want to believe that what goes around,
comes around.
(who could blame you for that, right?)

Be lustful.
Let me just say, the lady that
wrote this, started reading romance novels
when she was 12.
She certainly had some unanswered
questions when she was in college.
Of course she did.
The credentials of the 5 people that wrote the short articles,
would tell the reading public....
HEY, we're smart. 
 Possibly the smartest people around.

Professor of psychology at Yale.
Founder of eco-blogs.
Professor of moral history.
Best selling author.

John 5:39 Search the scriptures;
 for in them ye think ye have eternal life:
 and they are they which testify of me.

Romans 12:2- And be not conformed to this world:
 but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind,
 that ye may prove what [is] that good,
 and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

2 Timothy 2:4 No man that warreth entangleth himself with
 the affairs of this life; that he may please him
 who hath chosen him to be a soldier.

John 12:43 For they loved the praise of men
 more than the praise of God.

I'm sure there are many more verses to support not
letting the *world* dictate how you think.
Just be careful, everybody everywhere at all times,
want you to believe what they believe.
Ha.  Even I do.
Make sure it lines up with what God thinks.
It's not that hard.


Saturday, July 4

Fun Word

1954, American English, from exclamation
 of surprise and anger by "Chief Thunderthud" in
 "The Howdy Doody Show," 1950s children's TV show;
 used by surfers 1960s as a shout of triumph.
In the 70's, I had a poster
with Snoopy.
He was on a surfboard saying:
I wish I still had it.
Don't ever over-use a word,
because if you do,
it loses its punch.

Friday, July 3

Hot Diggety Dog

I don't know what made us do it.
It just happened.
We decided to do a hot dog a week this summer.
I'm all about easy.
I can do this.
We did *Carolina* for the first one.
It included chili, slaw, onions.
The slaw was terrible, so the hot dog wasn't that great.
I wouldn't do this one again.
We had these on a Sunday.
With company.
But it was family, so if they didn't like them,
Sorry I'm not sorry.

The second one was the *Cowboy*.
I had James grill the hot dogs.
I think I bought some with jalapeno peppers in them. 
This recipe called for M.J. cheese, fried bacon pieces,
onions and mushrooms.
All fried in Worcestershire sauce.

When I think of cowboys, I don't think of mushrooms.
When I think of mushrooms, I don't think about cowboys.

I thought they would be good on these *cowboy* plates.
We ate these by ourselves.
Another family people person had one.
They weren't impressed, but they had manners.

Mine doesn't have cheese.
Cheese and I don't get along anymore.

OK, I probably wouldn't do this one again either.
Are you wondering if this is all worth it?
They don't taste horrible, they just aren't what we
call a *keeper*.


This one is the Corny-Dog.
It's not what you're thinking though.
You're thinking CORN dog.
This one was corny.
I bought all beef, bun length, Oscar Meyer hot dogs.
They didn't need grilled, they were yum-city without it.
I just fried them up in the black skillet.

We had company.
More family, with manners.
Only this one was different.

It was honestly good.
Just sort of a cold relish made from:
corn, jalapeno, dill relish, celery salt.

I spent about the same $$ on the buns as I did the hot dogs.
I really struggle with white, store brand, buns.
These were really good.
I may be hooked.

These were cheese and tomato free.
These climbed to the top as #1.

Since our Summer like weather can last clear to the end of October,
I'll probably keep this up until then.
Pretty soon, I'll be a hot-dog-snob.

Sunday, June 28

Eating Out

We went out to eat with Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Theresa a month or so ago.
Since they asked US, they had to choose the place.
Should be easy, right?
You're hungry.  You have $$.  Go eat.
Not so.
We went to a place where we could look out the window into the
parking lot.  A guy and his wife drove up in a truck and never got out.
It was apparent that they were NOT getting along.
Dinner and a show, right?
They were there for quite a while, obviously arguing.
Us four decided that one of them didn't want to eat at Riverpoint.
They eventually left.
Fine, we'll go home and eat a bowl of cereal.

Well, we do eat out as often as we can.
No, we don't eat out every night.
It's fun, and sometimes cheaper than going to Dillard's.
Except sometimes, it's hard to pick where you want to end up.
I figure, with all the resources and energy put into just choosing a place to eat....
we could put a fence up around Texas.
{not a bad idea, but that's another issue}
Driving around, going back and forth, pros and cons,
this or that.....on and on and on.
Half of the traffic jams in big cities are probably
people driving around trying to decide where to eat.

Not KFC, I don't like raw chicken and lukewarm coleslaw.
Never McDonalds unless you just want French Fries.
No more Red Robin.  The last time I was there, it was NOT YUMMMMM.
Red Lobster? No thanks.  The food is sometimes questionable
and the service right along with it.
El Chico? too salty for you?
El Toro? Can't even walk around in that place. 
 They have 4 waiters/waitresses
for every *1* customer.
La Casona? Every time I go into that place I think of the deep
fried avocado I got one time.  It still haunts me.
Roadhouse? I hate C/W music. 
But I like their Roadkill.....
Steak and Shake? Not for Hobbits.
Top China? Well, the place is clean. It's no wonder those people are skinny,
have you seen what they think is cake?
And jello is so yesterday.
Carino's? It's kind of dangerous for me to go in there now.
Cheese and cream sauces aren't agreeing with me.
And I'm not eating chicken with tomato junk on it.
Chili's? I dunno.  Ours seems a little teeny-boppish or something.
Gringo's?  Well, if I happen to be in Pearland, that's where I might choose.
If I happen to be in Freeport, that's where I might choose.
It's great if you don't mind the wait.

Café Luxe?  I'll go if I can share dessert with Lydia.
Cheesecake Factory? Don't say cheesecake.....
Olive Garden? Let's do something different, let ME put
the dressing on my salad.
And get me something other than that tart see through stuff.
HEY! How about Ci-ci's?  NAH. How.About.No.
Ryan's? Please, no.  Well, their fried chicken is good.
But don't get anything else.
Not even a plate.
You could go to Luby's and get liver and onions.
Baytown? We only go there after a hurricane.
Golden Corral? The closest one that I know of is in Galveston.
There is the most WEIRD assortment of people you will ever
see in one place. Too weird.  No thanks.

So, where do you want to eat?
Taco Bell?
Or we could just go to the new HEB
 and pick up $37 worth of
deli items. 
When I was a kid, we didn't eat out often at all.
When we did, it was an occasion to remember.
There was an A&W Root Beer stand with the real glass mugs in
the town I was born in.  Now that was cool beans.
There was a little place called the Trail Café.
They would bring the salad dressing to you in a little
contraption that held three different kinds.
Italian? French? Thousand Island?
Then they'd take it to the next table.
Please don't sneeze in it. Please.
Who decided to replace little packages of crackers
with croutons?  Did it come to a vote somewhere
and I missed it?  Or did the Supreme Court just pass
a law, while we were all sleeping?

During the Summer, I would stay with my cousin that lived
in Medicine Lodge, Kansas.
We shoveled rabbit droppings under cages for $$.
Uncle Bill paid us each enough for us to go to the restaurant on the highway.
We got roast beef on white bread, mashed potatoes with brown
gravy poured all over it.  I remember asking the waitress
what roast beef was.  derrrr
I guess that was easy to decide, it was there or Dairy Queen.
DQ only had ice cream and cold stuff.
Not supper.
I came up with a great plan for those of you that can't
agree on a place to go eat.
You can call me and I will be glad to tell you where to
go and what to order.
I will also name your kids for you.
The husband names three places he is willing to go,
and willing to pay for.
Then the wife chooses one place out of those three.
OR the wife can choose three places she wants to eat,
and the husband can pick when one he
can afford.

Most of all, decide before you leave the house.
If you don't, you might end up using half a tank of gas driving
around the county.
You also might end up having an argument about it,
and then you have to go back home and eat cereal and milk.
OR, you could very well end up being the parking lot entertainment.
And you don't want that.
If you ever drive through Central Kansas,
go to Carriage Crossing in Yoder.
Their cinnamon rolls are HUGE.
But don't get their pie.
They think it's great, but it ain't.
Here's a quote by Woody Allen, I'm not a fan of his, but this was funny:
The food here is terrible....and the portions are too small.
So, if you DO get to eat out, try not to complain.

Tuesday, June 23

Zoo Day

It was already hot.
One parking lot was already full.
But I had on my good walking shoes,
 had water in the back-pack,
and sandwiches in baggies.

This was before we all started to melt.
At the Houston Zoo,
the seals are the first thing you see.
And, the last.  :)


I'd like to grow a plant in the shape of something,
other than the shape of a plant.
I'm sure I'd like one that looked like a rabbit,
but an armadillo might be easier.

We haven't been to the zoo for quite a while.
It was fun to see the things they have added.

When I see pretty flowers and plants at the zoo,
I think hmmmmm.
Houston is ONE hour from us,
if they can grow it in the zoo,
I can too.
I mean at home,
not in a zoo.

I always like to see an animal grinning.

This leopard looked more like a stuffed
animal than any animal I've seen.
There might be some exceptions with koala bears....

This was HUGE.
It was PINK.

This bird spread its wings for me to take a picture. 
I thought that was awfully nice.
This bird helped me believe even more
in dinosaurs.
Ugly ones.

This is my favorite area.......the birds.
Only there weren't very many birds this time,
and the ponds and waterfalls were all turned off.
Thanks OBAMA.

We took James Kelzie to Spaghetti Warehouse.
Great choice.
The food was good and the
experience was perfect.
James got Italian Wedding Soup,
Spaghetti and Meatballs.
And a Dr. Pepper.
I'm glad he was with us today.

see m ducks?

Tuesday, June 9

Saturday, June 6

My Laptop Is Fixed

Corn on the Cob
First you buy corn on the cob, only
at this time of year though.
Don't buy it unless it's in season.
If you do, you'll pay too much
and get too little.

Clean it all up,
and wrap in wax paper.
Sort of like a burrito.

Microwave it for about 3 minutes each.
Or until it's so hot that you drop
on the floor,
when you take it out.
Don't just put plain butter on it.
Use mayo, or sour cream.
And lemon pepper.
Don't just use salt.
There's more out there.
There.  Now you can make the
perfect corn on the cob,
without heating up your kitchen.

Tuesday, March 24

My March 24th

I got up a little earlier than usual.
It was a little chilly in the bedroom.
I opened a window before bed last night.
It sure felt nice.
I know it won't last much longer.
At this time of year, it can go either direction.
Today was beautiful.
I fed the dogs and cat.
Made coffee.
Put seed out for the birds.
Got my feet soaked in the wet grass.

I checked fabric to work on making a blue and white rag rug.
This is why I don't get other things done.
I am fixing to do something serious,
and find myself in the sewing room,
cutting fabric.

I did a load of towels.
I am testing out my new drying rack
to see if I can get a whole load on it.
I can.
I turn the ceiling fan on in the wash room.
It is cheaper than running the dryer.
One of these days I won't be saving my dryer
for a rainy day......
but right now, I can.

I am reading in Esther.
Trying to get the details of the story,
straight in my mind.
There's really no cause to wonder about things.
Look it up.
See for yourself.
Mordecai is NOT said to be Esther's Uncle.
He is her cousin.
All this time, I thought he was her Uncle.

I ate my last Biscotti.
I'm sorry about it.
I won't be getting groceries until Thursday.
I don't eat one every day,
but for the most part,
every day there IS a Biscotti in the cabinet.

I KNOW there can't be that much difference from it being Winter,
and the next day, Spring........
but these past few days have been unusually beautiful.
It just feels different.
The birds were tweeting so loud outside the front room
windows today, I thought it wasn't even real.
Like a ZEDGE phone ringtone or something.....

I did dishes.
I very much dislike washing bread pans.
I made bread for the librarian yesterday...
and should have washed the pans yesterday.
But I didn't.
I am using those *soak it up* drain pads.
They do work.

Got the mail.
My mom sent me a few Penny's coupons.....
and this.
Mr. Gumbir
Mean old Mr. Gumbir.
Records of the $$$$$$$$ they paid to him.
I of course, when I was 4, did not understand
what it meant to rent OR buy a house.
I only knew that my mom and dad gave ALL of
our money to Mr. Gumbir.
ALL of it.
So, I, in my four year old way,
hated him.

I finished an apron for Kimberly.
I DO hope she forgets how long I've had this fabric,
and how long I've been meaning to make her an apron.
And if she does remember,
I hope she forgives me.

This was around noon.
The temp had gone up 10 degrees.
Still beautiful out.

Driving to Lake Jackson.
The Journey was lurching,
the motor was making LOTS of noise.
This time that little orange engine light,

All three of us got some form of chicken.
So, everything we got,
tasted like......CHICKEN.
I sure wish I would have known they were
going to put a huge spoon full of diced tomatoes
right on top of my salad.
I would have told them not to.
Klarisa got water with a lemon as you can see.
Without paying a bit of attention,
I grabbed her water and took a drink.
It wasn't my Sprite,
so it didn't taste like lemon water.
It tasted like.....NOT SPRITE.

We went to Brew and Bake.
There was a young man in training,
that helped take our order.
If he made my coffee,
he did a good job.

Of COURSE I want to come the back way home.
Down Gargoyle Road.
Sure are lots of houses being built on that road.
Not ME.
Not ME.

Instead of eating supper when he got home,
James and I drove to where I left the car.
It was still there.
Called a wrecker.
He was pretty helpful.
It was right on the verge of being too
late to take the broken Journey to
a dealership.
We headed towards Ragland in the truck,
the wrecker man headed the same direction.
We were initially in front of him.
But he got there before we did.
I'm thinking they all know the back
roads and short cuts.
Before we left, he answered his phone.
I heard him say.....uh....I have to GO.
It was his mom.
He said, when your mom calls,
you answer.
It was funny.
Maybe not to her.

When we got home,
James still wanted supper.
do WHAT?
I made him something with chicken.
Then I worked a little on the
blue and white rag rug.

Oh yeah.
When we were at the dealership,
I was looking at 2015 Chrysler 300's.
A white one.
A maroon one.
(I don't like the head-lights.  Just sayin')
A salesman came up and gave me his card.
I can't wait to go back and pick up our fixed car.
Maybe they have a purple something,
and I just didn't see it.

Klarisa found the book.
We are sharing it.
Or we had been sharing it,
until she lost it.

It was a pretty nice day.
Of course, nobody wants their car
to lurch and for the engine to whine,
but worse things can happen.
I didn't get to go to Baywood and buy milk....
and look at their Blue Bell.
I'm actually close enough to walk if I need to.
I'll carry ice cream home,
but not a gallon of milk.
I play Words With Friends with LOTS of people,
and today,
I made the word.....
I didn't make a zillion points,
but it did make me smile.
I hope your 24th was nice.
Good night.