Saturday, September 8

A branch breaks in Kalamazoo.

Monday, May 28


I had a poster like this years ago.  I wish I still had it.  :(

Saturday, August 26

Harvey August 2017

Friday, while Harvey was approaching the coast of Texas,
I started to clean up my sewing room.
*Somebody let it get messy.*
The above picture is a huge old kitchen pantry
from a sale.  It holds yarn, embroidery patterns,
holiday fabric, sewing patters and crochet hooks.
  The bird bag you see
is the bag I take along in the car on long trips.
I fix embroidery projects.
I don't get car sick, so it's a fun thing
to do while driving.
It's better than crocheting because when I pull
the thread up, I also look up.
With crocheting, I never get to look up
to see the country side.

To the right is where I keep all my embroidery thread.
I do have lots, but I do lots of embroidering.
It's a low cost hobby and I love it.
The top can is full of variegated thread.

This is the table my sewing machine is on.
It was formerly my Pastor and Wife's kitchen table.
It's kind of special.
The fabric on the left are hopeful aprons.
I have cloth picked out.
Now, I must sew.
The ugly black thing is a blue-tooth speaker.
I don't think it has ever worked right.
I keep giving it another chance.

If I have a Fossil purse that has some sort of problem....
part of it is dirty,
the whole thing is mainly ugly,
I will cut it up and use it for something else.
Something else other than a purse.
It's pretty much just me using these scissors,
but I still misplace them and outright can't find them.
It's a bummer when there's nobody under 4 foot to blame.

The top apron is cut out.
Tiny print brown gingham.
Coffee fabric pocket.
It's all ready to go.

This keeper is full of fabric waiting to be torn
or cut into strips.  I'm looking forward some day to doing
this on the porch.  It take LOTS of fabric to make a rag rug.
It takes forever to prepare the fabric to make a rag rug.
It's also one of my favorite crafty things.

This pastel colored dresser is falling apart, but I can't get rid of it.
It holds lace, elastic, tissue paper, ribbon, and ric-rac.
The rug is made from the bottoms of t-shirts.
I could used to buy them for a dime each,
now they are fifty cents each....which is a game changer.
The pot, is a trash can.

This is Zephyr with her usual empty tummy.
Winds of Harvey decorated our front sidewalk
with leaves from 9th.

This was my only real loss.
It was a neat shaped pepper tree.
Oh well.
A hundred will grow in its place.

My poor hibiscus.
It'll be glad when this is all over.

No loss of zinnias.

This is what's in the green container on the sewing table.
It was in our kitchen growing up. 
I don't remember what was kept in it.
It is now, a double decker,
Keeper of the Thread

Monday, January 2

Quintana Beach

Test Picture
New Computer
Trying to Understand
Without Using Picasa

Monday, May 30

15 Hour Documentary 6:30 AM-9:30 PM

This is the first thing I did.
Put some *pop* in the fridge.
If you haven't tried Shasta Crème Soda, you MUST.
We got a new Kroger. 
It's the 3rd Kroger I've shopped at in our
area since we moved here.
I don't like the new's the size of a
small city, but they stopped carrying
Guess they needed more room for home décor
and yogurt.

Then, of course, I make coffee. 
I like quotes, but they have to be profitable.
Or funny.
I don't like the
*do as you please*
type quotes. 
But it's always OK to delight in small discoveries.
Like a new bloom in the garden.

I boiled eggs.
18 minutes, lots of salt in the water.
One always seems to have to get attention.
Don't be that egg.

I wasn't going to put this picture up,
but it WAS a part of my morning. 
Rats in Blue's Room (or one rat)
tried to chew through this container.
It was a perfect container for bird seed.
It was from roofing nails.
Now it's useless.
But HA. The rat got nothing.

I go out every morning to check for new blooms,
slugs eating my hollyhock,
seeds ready to be harvested,
see if I have a new strawberry,
and look to see how many avocados fell
off of the tree.

I love rocks that look
like baked potatoes.

I never get tired of seeing
my nasturtiums bloom.

This is what is left of my hollyhock.
Most of the leaves on the plant,
which were bigger than my hand,
were ravaged by slugs.
Slugs evidently don't care for Day-Lily plants,
but they love to eat hollyhocks.
I hope it has the strength left to bloom.

I have a little book.
I answer random questions.
I don't write it in every day,
so it's doubly random.

Beautiful sky.
The trees you see are my avocado
and a tree? that was once a potted plant.
It's as tall as a 15 year old tree,
has huge white blooms and seed pods.
The blooms smell like vanilla pudding.....
and they fall on the ground with
a thud.

I did yard work. Gardens.
Weeds. Flowers.
Rocks. Seeds.
Finally got to use my new dolly.
Having something with air in the tires
really makes a difference.....

My snack.

I did a load of random stuff.
I have a basket strange things go into.
Things that don't really belong in a white or dark load.

Alisa gave me the purple rabbit.
She said she wasn't really using it.

I fixed up the entry sidewalk.
Most of it was just the same stuff,

I guess these sprinklers are new.
Well, not new.
Just new to me.
But I love them.

Tore some fabric and rolled them into balls.
I crochet them at night while
we watch Andy and Barney.

I'm saving seeds.
This is why we reap more than we sow.
We sow one seed,
and it makes a hundred plants.
All because of seeds.
Good or bad.

Sadly, this was part of my day.
We take things like this to help with pain,
and say........I don't think it helped,
but we don't know how bad it would
hurt, had we NOT taken it.
I have arthritis.
And it's not going away.

Making church eggs.
Is *this* cooking?
Because if it is,
then I DO cook.

I spied a little critter in the front doorway.
I love to see them and frogs hang around the house.
They eat bugs.
Hopefully they eat slugs.

I usually don't like *sauce* from a jar,
but this isn't too bad.
Pace HOT, is my mild, but tastes OK.

Watched some AFRICA on my laptop.
I didn't take a picture, but I'm sure
Bunny was right at my feet,
hoping I would drop a corn chip.

Planted some seeds.
I always plant them in more than one place.
Hoping that at least ONE place,
they will come up.

$1 worth of watermelon.
I've never in my life bought a piece of store
cut up watermelon.
It wasn't so bad.
Then I went to bed.
I like to go to bed early, and get up early.

Tuesday, April 5


Go to the ant thou sluggard....
Proverbs 6:6
Sluggard: inactive, lounger, layabout, do nothing, idler,
loafer, good for nothing....
There is a great difference between resting, and being lazy.
There's nothing wrong with sitting on your porch
(if you have one)
with a glass of lemonade. 
There's nothing wrong with taking your work
boots off and falling asleep in your chair.
There's nothing wrong with taking a nap
once in a while because of early hours and late nights.
You dug holes all morning in the clay soil?
Then rest in the lawn chair and listen to the radio.
If you have a mind to stay busy, then you will find
something to do.  Hopefully it is productive.
If you have a mind to be inactive,
you will find ways to please yourself.
I don't know about a hundred years ago, I wasn't here,
but I do know about today.
We're all about leisure.
Take a load off of your feet.
Don't be driven to just make things comfortable
for yourself.  Be driven to get things done.
Don't you have any plans?  Goals?
Don't you have anything started?
Do you complete anything?
It's not pride to start something and finish it.
It's called work.
And work is good.
Planned activity is good.
A long time ago, if you didn't get up with the sun
in the Summer, you REALLY didn't
eat in the Winter.
We're not driven by hunger anymore.
We're driven for comfort.
People have always wasted time, slept all day, lounged around
until the cows came home.
We went to a place called Tinkertown in New Mexico.
A man *decorated* his land and buildings,
in a very interesting way,
to say the least, he may have been a bit off,
but he did say something worth thinking about.
He painted these words on the bottom of a green pop bottle:
I did all of this while you were watching TV.
Make sure you know the difference between
resting, and being lazy.

Monday, January 25


 I'm old enough to have seen record albums turn into mp3-Ipod whatever
cords, in your ear, music.
(One day, big speakers were cool. 
Turn around, little gadgets are cool.)
My mom sang to me, I heard her records and her radio. 
I heard music on T.V.....HeeHaw.
I remember when they made 8 track tapes....and wondered
how in the world they could work.  Then they came up with cassette tapes.
Little tape players.  I still have two players and I still listen to cassette tapes.
Then along came cd's. How do THEY work? Then Napster! Pandora. Spotify.
You Tube.  There is music everywhere. 
You can hook up your computer to your phone to your car to your ear.
As a 4 year old, I remember my sister at age 6, teaching me a patriotic song.
I listened to my mom's CW music. She had records, and she had a radio.
  Crying Time Again.  It's Such a Pretty World Today!
My dad sang.....I've Got Heartaches By the Number.
I think I heard him sing that the night he dropped pork chops
in the dirt when he was grilling.
It was a great time to be in grade school in the 60's and 70's.
Not at all like today.  We sang fun songs to a piano.
Mrs. Helwig was the 5th grade teacher, and she played piano.
I think she didn't enjoy Mr. Bledsoe any more than the kids did.
But he DID teach me to play the flute.
I went to little kid movies, and heard Mary Poppins sing.
I was also a Girl Scout.  If you ever go to camp, THEY got songs.
Oh, the horse put his foot put his foot on the ground.....
One day, I don't know when, I started to control the music I listened to.
I bought 45's from J.C. Penny's.  I had a stack 2 feet high.
I still had to listen to my mom's records and her radio.
Johnny Cash, Don't Step On Mother's Roses.
That song made me feel sad as a little girl, and still does to this day.
I listened to KOMA out of Oklahoma City,
when the radio would pick up the signal.
Which wasn't often. 
Whatever my dad sang, and listened to,
I was a part of it.
Music took me places, and I went where the music was.
Many a day I wish Billy Joel, would just go away.
Triggers.  Music triggers. Memories.
Music Box Dancer.....working at the Fuller Brush cafeteria.
Everything would stop when that song came on the radio.
Country best friend's mom died when that song was popular.
Somewhere, Out There....poor little mouse can't find his family.
Seasons In the Sun.....8th grade.
Freight Train Freight Train, go so dad.
And she thinks she's the pink of perfection!.....I think my Aunt Nancy
had the record.
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head....watching TV with mom and dad.
On a bean-bag.
Galveston! Oh Galveston! I can drive to Galveston.  I used to not even
know what it meant, or where it was.
......find me at Noonvale....sniff sniff
Home, home on the range......good old Kansas.
Monster Mash......played around Halloween!
Ugly Bug Ball......I just know that song.  Don't know how or why.
It's Cold In the Hutchinson Jail.....Nancy Sinatra.
WERE WE the only ONES that had a Nancy Sinatra album memorized?
And who in the world bought me a DOOR'S album when I was so young?
Why would somebody do that to a little kid?

Then March 16, 1979 I gave my heart and life
to the Lord.  I was born again. 
2 Corinthians 5:17
Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature:
 old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.
It didn't take me long to figure out, there were just some
things I didn't need to listen to anymore....or dwell on.
I say, if your mind passes by less than lovely things,
keep going, don't park there.
It didn't take years to understand....
I didn't have to go to Bible college.....
I didn't have to pray about it, I didn't even need much counsel,
it was pretty clear. 
There was a whole new world of music for me to learn.

Better music. 
To have hidden in my heart, for times I didn't have a song book.
You know how you can be asked the question....what would you want if you
were on a deserted island?
I'd want hymn books.

 At least 4 different ones, and make sure they're old.
  Thank you.
(this isn't all I'd ask for, it's just a start)
I stood by I.O. Kirkwood in church and heard her sing with such joy....
we always like the part of the hymn that says:
all to Him, I. OWE.  We got  to sing her name!

I like the Inspirations, Buddy Davis, Ed Russ, and Darcel McCoy,
but mostly, I like hymns.

Having 6 kids brought lots of music into the house.....Ladybug Picnic,
Oh Where Is My Hairbrush?....Mother Goose, The Dog With the
Longest Name In the World, Would You Like To Buy An O?, When Dragon's
Hearts Were Good, Gonna Build a Fence Around Texas, City of New Orleans,
Pirate songs, railroad songs, and of course,
Little Ducky Duddle.

But I still like hymns, best.

Love Lifted Me.....because.....Heaven Came Down

I Am Resolved AND I shall not be moved
I Belong To the King!

I'm Living By Faith.....
Jesus Came Into My Heart!

Open Mine Eyes That I May See.....that...This World Is Not My Home

~Tell It To Jesus~ so you can have ~Victory In Jesus~

Whisper A Prayer In the Morning
 Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus

Oh! Happy Day! That Fixed My Choice!
Redeemed! How I Love To Proclaim It!

O, For a thousand tongues to sing...More Love To Thee

Great Is Thy Faithfulness
One day He's coming! O glorious day!

I'm Pressing On, the Upward Way!
He Brought Me OUT Of the Miry Clay!

Each step I take....
I know....
He's A Shelter In the Time Of Storm
Jesus is a Rock in a weary land.

I will sing, the wondrous story
He Ransomed Me!

When I leave this earth,
 I won't be singing the blues.

Sunday, January 24

Truth is stranger than fiction....

I almost always choose fact over fiction when it comes to reading.
I have been known to read a Redwall tale or a Miss Read book,
but I prefer to read true books. 
 I like to read about things that really happened,
about real people, real feelings, real places. 
If I learn something from a true book,
it can be useful.
How can you learn something from a fictional character?
When has a unicorn ever helped you?
I got these three books on Thursday.
The First Mortgage
A Wesley Family Book of Days
New Testament KJV

Don't ask my why the title of the book on the left.
The first mortgage?
It is the Bible in rhyme, from Genesis to Revelation.
I'm thinking I can put tunes to some of it,
for my Sunday School girls.
Things are easily remembered if you can sing them.
Like multiplication facts.

Here we have a picture of the very busy,
Mrs. Wesley.
I'm sure we could all learn something from her.
Can't fully trust her doctrinal stand,
but as a mother, she did well.
It is somewhat of a diary, starting in 1777.
Nothing like reading someone's diary, eh?
Would you want the whole world to read yours?

The New Testament was put out by the Bible Society.
Large print.  It's in really good condition.
That's too bad.
Doesn't appear to be handled much.
In all your reading, just remember this.....
There is really only ONE TRUE BOOK.