Sunday, January 24

Truth is stranger than fiction....

I almost always choose fact over fiction when it comes to reading.
I have been known to read a Redwall tale or a Miss Read book,
but I prefer to read true books. 
 I like to read about things that really happened,
about real people, real feelings, real places. 
If I learn something from a true book,
it can be useful.
How can you learn something from a fictional character?
When has a unicorn ever helped you?
I got these three books on Thursday.
The First Mortgage
A Wesley Family Book of Days
New Testament KJV

Don't ask my why the title of the book on the left.
The first mortgage?
It is the Bible in rhyme, from Genesis to Revelation.
I'm thinking I can put tunes to some of it,
for my Sunday School girls.
Things are easily remembered if you can sing them.
Like multiplication facts.

Here we have a picture of the very busy,
Mrs. Wesley.
I'm sure we could all learn something from her.
Can't fully trust her doctrinal stand,
but as a mother, she did well.
It is somewhat of a diary, starting in 1777.
Nothing like reading someone's diary, eh?
Would you want the whole world to read yours?

The New Testament was put out by the Bible Society.
Large print.  It's in really good condition.
That's too bad.
Doesn't appear to be handled much.
In all your reading, just remember this.....
There is really only ONE TRUE BOOK.

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