Harvey August 2017

Friday, while Harvey was approaching the coast of Texas,
I started to clean up my sewing room.
*Somebody let it get messy.*
The above picture is a huge old kitchen pantry
from a sale.  It holds yarn, embroidery patterns,
holiday fabric, sewing patters and crochet hooks.
  The bird bag you see
is the bag I take along in the car on long trips.
I fix embroidery projects.
I don't get car sick, so it's a fun thing
to do while driving.
It's better than crocheting because when I pull
the thread up, I also look up.
With crocheting, I never get to look up
to see the country side.

To the right is where I keep all my embroidery thread.
I do have lots, but I do lots of embroidering.
It's a low cost hobby and I love it.
The top can is full of variegated thread.

This is the table my sewing machine is on.
It was formerly my Pastor and Wife's kitchen table.
It's kind of special.
The fabric on the left are hopeful aprons.
I have cloth picked out.
Now, I must sew.
The ugly black thing is a blue-tooth speaker.
I don't think it has ever worked right.
I keep giving it another chance.

If I have a Fossil purse that has some sort of problem....
part of it is dirty,
the whole thing is mainly ugly,
I will cut it up and use it for something else.
Something else other than a purse.
It's pretty much just me using these scissors,
but I still misplace them and outright can't find them.
It's a bummer when there's nobody under 4 foot to blame.

The top apron is cut out.
Tiny print brown gingham.
Coffee fabric pocket.
It's all ready to go.

This keeper is full of fabric waiting to be torn
or cut into strips.  I'm looking forward some day to doing
this on the porch.  It take LOTS of fabric to make a rag rug.
It takes forever to prepare the fabric to make a rag rug.
It's also one of my favorite crafty things.

This pastel colored dresser is falling apart, but I can't get rid of it.
It holds lace, elastic, tissue paper, ribbon, and ric-rac.
The rug is made from the bottoms of t-shirts.
I could used to buy them for a dime each,
now they are fifty cents each....which is a game changer.
The pot, is a trash can.

This is Zephyr with her usual empty tummy.
Winds of Harvey decorated our front sidewalk
with leaves from 9th.

This was my only real loss.
It was a neat shaped pepper tree.
Oh well.
A hundred will grow in its place.

My poor hibiscus.
It'll be glad when this is all over.

No loss of zinnias.

This is what's in the green container on the sewing table.
It was in our kitchen growing up. 
I don't remember what was kept in it.
It is now, a double decker,
Keeper of the Thread


Chasity B said…
I feel sad it's been so long since I stopped by and took time to leave a comment. I am praying for y'all that are dealing with this storm. I pray that it weakens. Love you my Texas friend!

If it keeps this up, I might even clean my little office!
Little Penpen said…
I'm glad you didn't suffer much damage from the storm. We were facing Hurticane Matthew last year, this same time. I love peeking into other people's sewing rooms. You look very organized! I like to embroider too. I made a few rag balls yesterday for decor, and I tote the strips inside my sewing room. I do know why you will tear yours on the porch! Ha! Sneeze!!
I'll cut fabric inside, but I always tear, outside.
Grammie Kim said…
My unique friend. ❤️

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