Sunday, September 8

page 92, Charity and its Fruits, Jonathan Edwards

Do you think the injuries you have received from your fellow-man
 are more than you have offered to God? 
 Has your enemy been more base,
 more unreasonable, more ungrateful, than you have to the High and Holy One? 
 Have his offences been more heinous or aggravated,
 or more in number, than yours has been against your Creator, Benefactor, and Redeemer?
  Have they been more provoking and exasperating
 than your sinful conduct has been to him who is the author of all our mercies,
 and to whom you are under the highest obligations?


Rebecca said...

Sadly (if I read that right), I'd have to answer "no". Really makes me think!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Made me think, too. No enemy could do more than we have done ourselves to a Holy God.