Wednesday, August 22

The Library

I love to look at books about houses.  Especially *bungalows*.  My sister used to live in one,  I didn't know it was a bungalow, but I remember liking it.  I like all the wood and built in features in these houses.

I also like to make bags and purses.  I scan through books like this and hope to get an idea, something I can add to what I already do, or something totally new.

See how neat these houses are?  Have you ever lived in one, or do you live in one now?  I call our house a Frank Lloyd Wright house.  It's rather North and South and well, boring.

I like little fun fact books, too.  I will soon find out what phloem bundles are.....and where our philtrum is located.

I do read some fiction.  I say I don't, but I forgot about Miss Read books...........just check one out and see why I like them!  I have many of them and I added these two to my collection yesterday!

I really should go to the library more often.  I don't know why I don't.  Do you?  What do you bring home?


Grammie Kim said...

I don't go to the library. Wish I was my favorite thing when I was young.
I should go with you to learn what to look for. I am so un-imaginative! Ugh!

Grammie Kim said...

OH, and by the way, I love houses with interesting roof lines and windows. Don't know what they are called, but I DO KNOW after working with Jim on some plans, that it is not very easy to build when you are a straight lines for our roof. Just a plain ole ranch style place is in store for me.

Anonymous said...

I sit in the Haven Baptist Church and read on Sun. nites while my husband has choir practice before evening service, so it gives me 45min. to read books from Swindoll and Charles Stanley. I have checked out at least one a month. Do you have a church library?

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Kristi, we have a church library on one shelf....and most of the books came from our house!