I don't enjoy reading fiction.  

I have read lots of fiction.  That's how I know I prefer true books.

I know there are interesting fiction books available.........Anne of Green Gables was a very good set of books.  I'm glad I read them all and I'm glad for the movies.

I'm just not comfortable reading made up things.........if it is a sad book and I cry....I sure don't want it to be fiction.  If I shed tears of sorrow or gladness, I want it to be true.

I think my distaste for fiction came about by reading a few fictional books about the Jewish Holocaust.  It just seemed so WRONG for somebody to write fiction about such a TRUE and horrible thing.  That time in history was so terrible, I can't imagine learning about it from fictional characters.  There are so many real people to read about and know their stories........and never forget.

Maybe it's because I came across some authors that I really enjoyed that wrote non-fiction  books.  I loved to read James Herriot.

Maybe it's because I read *To the Golden Shore*........a true story about Adoniram Judson.
Now THERE is a book for you.  If you haven't read it........get one and do so.

I think I like the word *informed*.  I don't feel informed after reading fiction.

I've even started liking books about HOUSES.  Bungalows.  Floor plans.  I read a really good book called *Old Chicago Houses*............and a book about Bemis.  He made cloth bags a LONG time ago.  I wrote to his company and told them I enjoyed the book. We went to a restaurant that had a Bemis cloth bag decorating the wall.......and it was neat to know the background!

I of course love Gladys Taber.  The funniest LOL book I have ever read is: Especially Father.  If you need a good giggle book, this is the one.  And how about Edwin Way Teale?  A naturalist writes about trips through seasons and his home on many acres of wildlife and forest.
I like quote books and Edgar Guest poems.  I'd rather look through a Lehman's Life Catalog than read a love story.  I'd rather thumb through a seed catalog than read a fictional tragedy.  I'd surely rather read a journal than a Tom Clancy.

Just think of the things you can learn..........landscape books, decorating, journals. devotionals, biographies...........apron books.  I have two.  I get inspired when I look at them.  Sometimes the inspiration brings forth an apron.
I like the little guide books about trees, insects, wildflowers and song-birds.  The older the better.
How about Einstein in the Kitchen?  or 1,000 Years Over a Hot Stove.

  but...........if you enjoy non-fiction, search for the best!

I do have quite a collection of Calvin and Hobbes......and Snoopy.
My favorite classic is Robinson Crusoe............

 (yay, I found a picture of the book)


Hi! I'm from "The Shed" and am really enjoying your blog. :-) I love to read too and one of our favorites (my husband and I) is "To the Golden Shore".
Love these pictures, that one reminds me of a St. Bernard we used to have.

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