Wednesday, May 25

finished product

 Well.  I got the dress done.
But it isn't exactly what I planned.
The fabric I chose for the dress was long,
but very short in width.
In other words, it was a strange piece of fabric.
Long and skinny.
So I had to choose different fabric.
It's close to what I intended,,,,,
then the pattern I wanted to use just didn't sing.

So, the dress got done with a few

In blog-land, you can say whatever you want,
take pictures of the clean parts of your house,
make your kids look like angels,
your pets perfect.......
you can appear to fix supper every night in a 
spiffy-clean kitchen.
You can make sure to take pictures of your clean vehicles,
your family gets up at six,
feeds the chickens by 6:10,
churn the butter,
your favorite things to bake are
sourdough french braided sesame seed bread and scones.
Scones with berries you picked last evening before the meteor shower.
You can have big thick books on the tables,
vases of flowers,
table-cloths on the line......and even horses if you wish.


Well, this is reality.
The dress didn't fit quite like I wanted it to.
The fabric is a bit scratchy.
I don't look taller in it and I doesn't make me look ONE bit skinny.

But, it did fit, I can wear it,
and I learned some things.

So, all was not lost.
I have a dress.
I will do better next time.
If I find the time.......
I have some *bread* I need to make.


Moma Chas said...

Oh, Mrs. Mo! Even if you didn't love the dress, you have learned. You are so wonderful! I love your honesty! And I think you look LOVELY in the dress! <3

Miss Linda said...

How I understand your sentiment. I sew most of my own clothes because it is so very difficult to find modest clothing in stores. And sometimes my expectations for a sewn garment fall quite short when the garment is finished. Either it doesn't fit the way I wanted it to, or it doesn't look as nice as I wanted. That just happens with sewing sometimes. Nevertheless, I actually really like the pattern you chose. And it would be quite pretty with a lace collar or a pretty scarf. It could be accessorized nicely with a belt and brooch. The more I look at it the more potential I see! :)

I know what you mean about working with a long, narrow piece of fabric. I had that experience this weekend. I bought some very nice cotton tweed fabric and had the bright idea (AFTER I had bought the fabric) that I wanted to make a jacket and blouse ensemble. The fabric is a brown/beige tweed on the front side, and the back side has more brown in it. It's actually a reversible fabric which I didn't realize when I bought it (it was purchased online). So I tried to get a long jacket and blouse out of the three yards of fabric, but it was only 44" wide and I just couldn't squeeze it out of that amount. I went back and bought two more yards since I really like the fabric. It's a cotton which will breathe nicely in our hot Texas weather. Usually the fabric I work with is 60" wide, so this was quite a bit narrower than I usually get.

My goodness, I have rambled on quite a bit, haven't I? I just love "sewing talk" I guess.

Nevertheless, your dress is lovely. It is modest and pretty and I think you did a very nice job with it. I hope you will be happier with your next project!


I looks very pretty to me, I am proud of you. Your feelings remind me of how I felt about the bread that I made last night. I had great plans but that bread showed me up, But I did my best so I am happy.

Pen Pen said...

Love, love, love this post! I feel the same way about blog posts. I have tried to step aside at times, as I sometimes feel inadequate. Thanks for being REAL! Your dress will prob. turn out to be one of your fav's!

Humble wife said...

Shwew. I laughed after I put away my butter churn(just kidding:)

I love your dresses. I love your peek into life because you are real. Your home, your family, and your faith are what keeps me a *lurker* most of the time.

Thanks for sharing...


A Quiet Gracious Life said...

I know nothing about sewing so your dress looks 'perfect' to me. But I can totally relate to unmet expectations and presenting a perfect image in Blogland.

Thank you for being real and mostly for being YOU. (o:

Rebecca said...

You're WAY ahead of me. You actually sew your own clothes! (I THINK about sewing my own clothes.) I like that you're flexible and knew what to do...with what you had. I agree about the possibility that most of the "perfect" homes and homelife we encounter in the world of blogs have been doctored up a bit. I like honesty and those with the ability to "be real". Like you :)

ancient one said...

Loved this post!

Sara said...

Thankfully most of the time your sewing creations come out beautiful! Even the 'messed' up ones are still nice! :)

joy said...

ha! i agree! sometimes after spending a little bit of time reading the blogs in my blogroll...i wonder if i'm the only mom left that lets her kid drink a cup of soda at a bread from bag, bought in a store...make macaroni from a box...and my dirty dishes fill up BOTH sides of the sink (finally washed them after we ran out of spoons)!

sorry the dress didn't turn out quite right, but it looks good to me!

and as soon as you make a dress that makes you look skinny, let me know and I'll buy it!