Friday, March 18


I got horribly disappointed today.
I have been eye-balling an old coffee pot at a thrift store
and I finally felt like I had the $$ to spend on it today.
I pick Kimberly up from work,
we to to McDonalds then to get a five dollar pizza.
Then we go to the thrift store.
I go over to *get* the coffee pot that HAS BEEN THERE FOR MONTHS.....
and a woman JUST put it in her cart.
I was very sad and disappointed.
I had great plans for it, and POOF.
I'll find another one.
What concerns me,
is the way I shop,
it could be years before one turns up with the personality this coffee pot had.
Yes, I will live.
And I will probably go right to sleep tonight.
But it's still disappointing.

Have you had summpin lik this happen lately?
maybe you were tickled?
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Rebecca said...

Hasn't happened lately, but it HAS happened to me. I feel so aggravated with myself. Temporarily "down" - but then I talk myself out of it and wonder why I think I need even one....more....thing!?!?!?

Sharon said...

Yes, this happened to me just the other day. I was walking through a huge antique mall and most of the items in the booths are too pricey for me, but there are some that are very reasonable (even deals). I saw this tin water can and it was a good deal, but thought I'd come back later to get it. As I was looking through the rest of the store, I happened to pass a lady with it in her buggy. *sigh* Disappointment.