just a little bit funny

The Tinkerbell effect describes those things that exist only because people believe in them.

.........not that I admire Tinkerbell or anything she does .................

it could pertain to my vision of a perfect puppy

it's not good to be out of touch with reality

now, is it?


Anonymous said…
I really think the term 'perfect puppy' is an oxymoron! LOL

I love our 3 dogs but not a one of them is perfect. Puppies simply don't come perfect, puppies mostly become what you make of them or the amount of work and consistent training you do with them.

Now we did adopt an adult dog once and she was the *perfect* dog! I guess someone else had already done the work. (o:

Mrs. Mobunny said…
Can't seem to find a PUPPY where somebody has done all the work! fixed them up all fine and dandy.
(Puppies ALWAYS grow into dogs....)
See.......perfect puppy is just a tinkerbellism.
Dandy. That's a good name for a dog. Or Junebug. I'd sure like to name one Junebug.
Grammie Kim said…
Well, then, you shoulda named your last "puppy" Junebug, 'stead of Doorknob? Corncob? Dogknob? :o)
Mrs. Mobunny said…
That's COONrod my friend. Coonrod.
Pastor McEntire said…
I thought you were going to name a dog Festus Hagan.

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