Sunday, May 10


I've never roasted corn, only boiled it.
It was 5/1.00 at Kroger so I bought 15.
I only brought 10 to the camp-out.
Shoulda brought all 15. It worked.
We took most of the green off and got rid of the silk, wrapped the corn back up and put tin foil around it. Put it on the grill and turned it every once in a while. It wasn't very scientific or exact, but it worked. I spread real mayo on it and sprinkled it with Zatarains. Wish I had some now......mmmmmmmmmm.
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Jodi said...

Roasted corn - yummy! I was right there with you all the way until the "mayo" ~ lol ~ that's new to me; I'll have to try it sometime.

Happy Mother's Day! :o)


It tasted soooo good. You did a very good job. thanks so much for sharing it with us. Grandma

Michele said...

I'll bring some next time Grandma!

Mamalama said...

yay! you're back!
sounds like you had a grand time, i'm glad. we love sweet white corn, but have to ditto Jodi--i've never heard of spreading corn with mayo.
hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! :D

Grammie Kim said...

Put it on the menu for the next time I come!

~~Deby said...

oh it sounds so I have never heard about the MAYO...I just use butter spray and salt but willing to try new things...I love this time of year when we get fresh produce.

Rene' said...

I'll have to keep this in mind for next time hubby bar-b-q's. He grilled hot dogs last night for Mother's Day. I've never even considered roasting corn - sounds delicious.

We would love to go camping but consider it too hot by this time.

Michele said...

You can use sour cream if you don't like mayo. It works the same! Lemon pepper is good, too.

It was hot during the day, but sleeping in the shelter wasn't too bad......they put ceiling fans in each one of helps lots.

Anonymous said...

It sounds yummy!

And I *love* your jumper, too cute! (o:

Mrs. Bee said...

The best way is to keep the green on and soak it in water for a few hours, then greens and all put it under some hot coals for another couple of hours.... Take it out and peel and YUMMY!

Chas said...

I have seen Paula Deen do this...
I am so trying it! MMMmmmmm

Glad you are back and had a wonderful time. :)