Sunday, November 23


12 years ago Lydia was born on this day...........
she has been a joy to our home
I am so glad she is ours.

She is on a three day birthday celebration!
Friday she got to go shopping and we ate at Ryan's.
Saturday we had her birthday meal and she got to go to a parade
and ride on some rides with our church friends.
Today, we will eat out for lunch and have some kind of cake?

Sometimes it just happens like that.
It takes three days to work things out!
(and yes, this is all would have been
much more impressive had this been on the bottom of Lydia
being ELEVEN)

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mrs. mosbb said...

she's definitely beginning to look like 12...her baby face is not so baby anymore.
happy birthday, Lydia!

Michele said...


Sounds like you've had a nice one. (o:


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LYDIA! I am looking forward to these next years seeing you grow and grow. I know the future holds many good things for you as you keep your eyes on the Lord. love you, Grandma Mc.

ancient one said...

Happy Birthday Lydia!!

Chas said...

Happy Happy Birthday Lydia!!!!
With much love from Mrs. Chas and Cameo!!!!!
I will tell her to write you really soon!

Kristi said...

She is so beautiful!

Happy Birthday, Hon Rosie!! You party for your birthday like I party for mine...three or more days...yeah, that's how to do it!


Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Day, Miss Lydia! :D

oh, my goodness, Mo, what a lovely young woman she is becoming. and i thought this was your BABY? i wonder how long it took your hairdresser-friend to do Lydia's hair? congratulations to the birthday girl and the blessed family as well.

~~Deby said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet and beautiful daughter...

Julie said...

I hope she had a wonderful birthday! My oldest turns 12 in April. I cannot even imagine it. :)
Lydia is a lovely young lady!

Sheri aka kitchenmaid said...

Happy birthday, Lydia! I have an eleven year old (just celebrated her birthday too!) as well as a twelve year old. Girls can be so much fun at this age; growing up in sooo many spectacular ways. You are blessed indeed Michele.