Tuesday, August 5


This was not a pretty time. As you see, dust got everywhere, even on the lens of my poor camera. It was seriously a mess in here for a while. But that part is over with.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle, I am happy for you, getting a kitchen upgrade. It is messy but you will so enjoy at the end of it all. It is often SLOWER than anticipated, but that's OK, it will be worth it all. Take LOTS of pictures.


Olivia said...

Ick. I had grime in my mouth.

mosbb said...

We have had so many construction things going on that I can sympathize with all the dust. However, it WILL be worth it all after you have dusted and dusted and dusted and dusted....did I mention dusting??????
I am so excited you get your new kitchen now. Do you guys have a projected finish time? It is almost like camping out when you don't have access to the sink, stove, etc.

Mobunny said...

yeah, right, just like camping out.

I thought about putting the dirty dishes out in the rain, but I was pretty sure the cardboard box would fall apart, so I'll have to think of another way to get them clean.

The guys are doing electrical things today. And some sheet rocking. It's funny, you can see where everybody walks. We are all leaving a chalky path.

Actually, it's just barely funny.

mosbb said...

just use one of the many old pots or pans that you inevitably have in your garden area.
Or do they all have holes? you'll ahve to wash fast.

mosbb said...

WE got our carpet laid while it was raining like crazy. I was pretty sure I would go crazy watching the carpet guys go in and out with their shoes on (mind you I don't have a paved driveway)...