Saturday, July 19

lights and trees

coming out of the car wash looks like looks like somewhere you'd go on vacation.........

above the table
above the sink
above the coffee spot

We are thinking abut lights like these for the kitchen......we may totally change our minds........we have a little more time to think about it.
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Chas said...

Groovy lights...
I think I might make a cuppa coffee right now! :)
It is raining and I am tired...
The little crocheted square is a dishcloth... I made them while Shannon was in the hospital, I had to keep my hands busy you know what idle hands lead to. :)
I am glad you had a wonderful vacation.
Love to you!

Happymama said...

Lovely exit from the car wash and those are very interesting lights. Lowes?


Mobunny said...

Lowe's for lights.
We're going back today.
So we can change our minds.

Humble wife said...

I love the one for over the table...and it is affordable isn't it????Hmm just thinking of my farm overhaul!

Barbara said...

Thanks for visiting, nice to meet you. Not often does one find a blog with everything on the one page.

Yes Ihave been to Fort Worth and have been into the Stockyards hotel.