Thursday, July 24

being farsighted (whining)

This is what songs and other things look like to me when I don't have my glasses on.
It's really quite annoying to me.
I don't like to wear glasses.

If you don't wear glasses........or need thankful.
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Hind's Feet said...

I am farsighted and hate glasses too. I live in a fuzzy world, Mrs Mo. :) Nice and soft and fuzzy. Like a bunny. :D


Aren't we glad that we live in a time that the problem can be fixed at least when we have our glasses on. Grandma

Cherish the Home said...

I have to wear glasses too only mine is so I can see far away. I don't need them to see close up--at least not yet. (o;

MightyMom said...

I'm just scrolling down looking at all your pics, trying to figure out who's who in your family....

this post I have to comment on.

I am NEAR sighted. As in extremely near in if it weren't for my glasses I'd be considered legally blind (no joke). You see the music and words a bit blurry. If I take off my glasses, I wouldn't be able to tell whether or not there was anything at all on that page....till it was about 4 inches from my nose.

I'm thankful for my glasses (and contacts) as wihtout them my life would be very different, and difficult and scary.

Mobunny said...

yep, I think my life is a 'blur' now! just think what it would be like without glasses!!!