Monday, September 3

Our 6 Kids

One of these days, YOUR kids will grow up. I'm glad all of ours still like to sit on our couch with us.
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jennifer said...

Love this!!! I look forward to the day when we all cram on the couch with all their families!!!

Neat photo!

hon rosie said...

:)*I love family*:)

Chas said...

That is precious!!
I know that they will grow up, I am seeing that every morning, noon and night! :)
Great photo!!

Pastor McEntire said...

And it happens, Oh, so fast!

I am so blessed and it is completely due to his grace!

mosbb said...

Good looking family!
I especially like the handsome fella second from the right.

Mine are too far away to sit on my couch......

Happymama said...

That's a sweet picture. I hope my kids always enjoy coming home and sitting on the couch with me and their daddy.


Peach said...

I love that picture.
Our family pictures are like that. :)

I went to see my dad this weekend and he had just had surgery, so I couldn't crawl up and sit with him in the recliner. :(

Sara said...

What a great looking family if I do say so myself!!