Monday, May 30

15 Hour Documentary 6:30 AM-9:30 PM

This is the first thing I did.
Put some *pop* in the fridge.
If you haven't tried Shasta Crème Soda, you MUST.
We got a new Kroger. 
It's the 3rd Kroger I've shopped at in our
area since we moved here.
I don't like the new's the size of a
small city, but they stopped carrying
Guess they needed more room for home décor
and yogurt.

Then, of course, I make coffee. 
I like quotes, but they have to be profitable.
Or funny.
I don't like the
*do as you please*
type quotes. 
But it's always OK to delight in small discoveries.
Like a new bloom in the garden.

I boiled eggs.
18 minutes, lots of salt in the water.
One always seems to have to get attention.
Don't be that egg.

I wasn't going to put this picture up,
but it WAS a part of my morning. 
Rats in Blue's Room (or one rat)
tried to chew through this container.
It was a perfect container for bird seed.
It was from roofing nails.
Now it's useless.
But HA. The rat got nothing.

I go out every morning to check for new blooms,
slugs eating my hollyhock,
seeds ready to be harvested,
see if I have a new strawberry,
and look to see how many avocados fell
off of the tree.

I love rocks that look
like baked potatoes.

I never get tired of seeing
my nasturtiums bloom.

This is what is left of my hollyhock.
Most of the leaves on the plant,
which were bigger than my hand,
were ravaged by slugs.
Slugs evidently don't care for Day-Lily plants,
but they love to eat hollyhocks.
I hope it has the strength left to bloom.

I have a little book.
I answer random questions.
I don't write it in every day,
so it's doubly random.

Beautiful sky.
The trees you see are my avocado
and a tree? that was once a potted plant.
It's as tall as a 15 year old tree,
has huge white blooms and seed pods.
The blooms smell like vanilla pudding.....
and they fall on the ground with
a thud.

I did yard work. Gardens.
Weeds. Flowers.
Rocks. Seeds.
Finally got to use my new dolly.
Having something with air in the tires
really makes a difference.....

My snack.

I did a load of random stuff.
I have a basket strange things go into.
Things that don't really belong in a white or dark load.

Alisa gave me the purple rabbit.
She said she wasn't really using it.

I fixed up the entry sidewalk.
Most of it was just the same stuff,

I guess these sprinklers are new.
Well, not new.
Just new to me.
But I love them.

Tore some fabric and rolled them into balls.
I crochet them at night while
we watch Andy and Barney.

I'm saving seeds.
This is why we reap more than we sow.
We sow one seed,
and it makes a hundred plants.
All because of seeds.
Good or bad.

Sadly, this was part of my day.
We take things like this to help with pain,
and say........I don't think it helped,
but we don't know how bad it would
hurt, had we NOT taken it.
I have arthritis.
And it's not going away.

Making church eggs.
Is *this* cooking?
Because if it is,
then I DO cook.

I spied a little critter in the front doorway.
I love to see them and frogs hang around the house.
They eat bugs.
Hopefully they eat slugs.

I usually don't like *sauce* from a jar,
but this isn't too bad.
Pace HOT, is my mild, but tastes OK.

Watched some AFRICA on my laptop.
I didn't take a picture, but I'm sure
Bunny was right at my feet,
hoping I would drop a corn chip.

Planted some seeds.
I always plant them in more than one place.
Hoping that at least ONE place,
they will come up.

$1 worth of watermelon.
I've never in my life bought a piece of store
cut up watermelon.
It wasn't so bad.
Then I went to bed.
I like to go to bed early, and get up early.


rebecca said...

I was going to comment from bottom to top. Starting at the bottom: I have the same clock! We're clock twins.

OK. I forget what the next one to the last one is.

Take my word for it. I loved the documentary. My husband (sweaty from mowing the lawn) is sitting over in his black leather recliner reading this post for himself. I asked him to do that.

Earlier today, he and a friend moved our new old $18 couch (plus $20 to the friend for gas & use of his van--he wouldn't take more) into our living room. I posted a picture of it in my thrifty blog.

Karen said...

Fun hearing about your day. Always interesting to see what others are up to in a normal day......we had a sprinkler like the one on the right when I was growing dad was always hollering cuz it was lost!! I started watching Africa on Netflix a few weeks ago...keep falling asleep, lol......I bought 2 watermelons this week. I think Alli has eaten one all by herself. Love the purple bunny hanging on the time I had a possum hanging upside down on my line...I have pictures somewhere on my computer. Hope you are having a nice holiday weekend. It's been sunny and warm for us.

Little Penpen said...

I love reading about normal days. I had to study to see the purple bunny.... but finally spied it. :)

Michele McEntire said...

Rebecca, I love the bird clock. We had a train one also, but it broke. Still have it hanging on the wall set at 2:15, which means Sonic happy hour! Karen, the sprinklers ARE little. If the end of our hose wasn't messed up, I'd hook one of them up and see how it works.

Ressa said...