Tuesday, April 5


Go to the ant thou sluggard....
Proverbs 6:6
Sluggard: inactive, lounger, layabout, do nothing, idler,
loafer, good for nothing....
There is a great difference between resting, and being lazy.
There's nothing wrong with sitting on your porch
(if you have one)
with a glass of lemonade. 
There's nothing wrong with taking your work
boots off and falling asleep in your chair.
There's nothing wrong with taking a nap
once in a while because of early hours and late nights.
You dug holes all morning in the clay soil?
Then rest in the lawn chair and listen to the radio.
If you have a mind to stay busy, then you will find
something to do.  Hopefully it is productive.
If you have a mind to be inactive,
you will find ways to please yourself.
I don't know about a hundred years ago, I wasn't here,
but I do know about today.
We're all about leisure.
Take a load off of your feet.
Don't be driven to just make things comfortable
for yourself.  Be driven to get things done.
Don't you have any plans?  Goals?
Don't you have anything started?
Do you complete anything?
It's not pride to start something and finish it.
It's called work.
And work is good.
Planned activity is good.
A long time ago, if you didn't get up with the sun
in the Summer, you REALLY didn't
eat in the Winter.
We're not driven by hunger anymore.
We're driven for comfort.
People have always wasted time, slept all day, lounged around
until the cows came home.
We went to a place called Tinkertown in New Mexico.
A man *decorated* his land and buildings,
in a very interesting way,
to say the least, he may have been a bit off,
but he did say something worth thinking about.
He painted these words on the bottom of a green pop bottle:
I did all of this while you were watching TV.
Make sure you know the difference between
resting, and being lazy.


Little Penpen said...

Love this post!thank you! ( I like the man's words about while we were watching tv, too)

rebecca said...

What a GREAT distinction! Thanks for the food for thought. I like what he wrote on the bottle bottom! Did you take photos of Tinkertown? Sounds like the kind of place I'd enjoy visiting!

Michele McEntire said...

Yes, I took pictures, when I find them I'll post them.