Saturday, January 16

January 2016 stuff

So, my favorite thrift store had a bag sale.
Anything you can get in a grocery bag, AND tie it,
was $2.  I got this skirt.  Stuffing it in the bag, got it all
wrinkled, so I ironed it.  I usually wash things before I wear them,
because of cooties, but thought this would be OK.
I looked at the tag, to find out how to wash it....
and this is what I found. I thought wow.  This coming
from a Lithuanian?  I assumed Lithuania was a horrible place to live,
but Google told me it's in the top 20 *best* places
to live in the world.
I'd replace the word happy,
with thankful.

January socks.  I hardly ever wear socks, but when I do,
they are going to be fun ones.  Our jungle like weather,
which we have for most months, doesn't call for
lots of sock wearing.  I don't know if I'm sad or glad.
It gets in the 50's and I think I'm froze solid.

January sky.  I'm always a little bummed just being able to see
the sky that is right above me.  I know the sun comes up,
I know the sun goes down,
but I never see it do either.
Unless we're at the beach, or El Chico at a table by the window,
at supper time.
The sky above me, was beautiful today.

January avocado tree.  I listen to the Garden Show on Saturday mornings, with
Randy Lemmon....but still don't know for sure if I should let
this tree get taller than a water tower.  I do hope it puts out fruit
this year... and that a hurricane in September
doesn't blow it all off of the tree.

January ham.  I always buy a ham in January.
They are usually 99cents a pound.  That's a way better price
than the week before Christmas or Easter. We eat it in salads, make sandwiches,
fry it for breakfast, and use the ham-bone for beans. 

January house shoes.  These are going on three or four years. 
Of course, I got them for Christmas one year.
When I have these on, you KNOW it's cold.

January sheets.  They should be on the bed right now, instead of folded up.
I got these from Target years ago....for a very good price.....for cold nights.
For Target, and price I paid for them, they're pretty nice.

January books.  I like to look at house plans.  What I'd really like to do,
is see inside the houses, where they were built, and REAL pictures of families
building them, from a kit, off of a train.

January shoes.  Yes, my feet occasionally get cold.  I have these in the back
of my closet, waiting for the day that it's honestly chilly out.  And in.  I got the tennis shoes
at Penny's, they're the ones that gave me blisters on my heels that about put me on the moon.
The middle ones are from a thrift store....I looked up the brand....they are $100 + shoes.
I'll keep them.  Their bronze/copper color is a bit weird, but they're comfortable.
The ones on the right, are just plain old shoes from DSW.

January clothes.  I don't have very many *winter* clothes.  I mainly have
clothes to be worn in jungle weather.  If I ever moved north of Conroe,
I guess I'd have to do something about that.

January project.  I cleaned my sewing room.  Even dusted the top of the fabric shelves.
I know where my Velcro is, snaps, patterns, crochet hooks and beads. 
Something about beads....if I happen to break a beaded necklace, my first thought isn't
to make sure I put them exactly where they belong....they end up in an envelope, in a little box,
a baggie, but anywhere except the can they belong in. My first thought is
to FIND them on the floor.
Well, all my beads, as far as I know, are in the can.

January temperature.  Today was gray and chilly in the morning....
......then it got
so nice out, I almost trimmed the mulberry tree,
 then it got even more gray,
rained, thundered, rained....the wind blew....
.and now it's going to be dry for a few days.
To us down here where the bananas grow, 50 is cold.

January issues.  This is why I don't decorate.  I know the adrenaline that comes with a
holiday and all that decorating business would be bad news for me in January,
if I went overboard.  By overboard, I mean more than displaying the cards we get.....
If I want to see decorations, I can go to the's.

January candles.  I have been lighting them all over this house.
I have a hang-up about burning's from the same gene
that makes one not want to use their best perfume....lest it gets used up.
Well.........why'd ya buy it?
Somebody nudged me.
I get by with a little help from my friends.

January purse.  Fossil.  With NO key.  Klarisa got this from e-bay, she didn't care for it,
but I loved it.  I gave her what she gave for it, and we're both happy. 

January snoopy-baby dogs. OK, maybe the little one without much fur,
would be expected to be cold, but the big one acts all froze up.
But let a cat crawl around on the back-yard fence, and the
big dog forgets just how cold it is outside.
Yes, Sheba has a collar.  I found it in a puddle of water
in the back yard.  Nice job Sheba.

January music.  We have a Spotify account.  This is why I agreed to it.
Buddy Davis.  This is mainly what I listen to. 
I also have some SOUSA ready to play come July. 
So, this is a little bit of my January.
What does January mean to you, where you live?


Humble wife said...

I love your just for fun post! Ok-the tag~wonderful!!! I love it! The purse-yep, you got a lovely one! Socks-same weather here mostly and I do not like socks anyhoo so it works. I posted my slippers a few post ago and you make me smile as I was nodding as if it was my home, my brain typing the post.

I love visiting here and have been wondering how all of your children are now that they are young adults? Have a wonderful sunny day and thanks for sharing as you (as always) brightened my day!

Humble wife said...

Oh I forgot to answer what January means to me, but clearly you already pretty much described it~

By the way, have you ever visited this site:
It is a site that posts vintage photos that whoever runs the site has found or others on their staff have found. I love it as I want the rest of the story~as they say. I want to see what was on the table, what were they reading, what were they wearing etc, etc, etc and I spend time there enjoying my mini window to the past~ every single time!

Little Penpen said...

January is usually a 'blue' month for me. I thought I was doing pretty well, because I was staying so busy. But I complained about being tired and sad the other day, and my husband reminded me that 'it's that time of year.' Oh well, spring is coming, right? I enjoyed this post.

Joyfully, Chas said...

Mrs. Mo, you make me smile! I like your January purse. It's cute.
Have a wonderful weekend!