Hot Sauce

I had a few little sprigs of cilantro growing in my gardens.
I have been watching it....knowing some day
it would end up in hot sauce.
It's always fun picking it.
It's about all I can grow that is edible.
I can't coax anything else out of the ground.
Except flowers.

I used to not like cilantro.
It tastes like soap, if you don't like it.
If you do like it, it just tastes green, and perfect.

All you need is a can of diced tomatoes.  Cilantro.  Jalapeno peppers.
I salt my sauce also.  I salt everything.
Some people put onions and garlic in their sauce.
I don't, it causes heartburn.
Funny, jalapeno peppers don't....

We can send a man to the moon, but nobody can make a good
hand held can opener?  Or are they making cans tougher to open?

Pulse the ingredients.
Pour into a glass jar.
A glass jar you saved, then washed, and stored away
for such a day as this.
When I was little, glass jars were for
fireflies.  I don't see many fireflies these days.

You'll probably eat it before it goes bad....
so don't worry.
Just know, you can put it on more than
just corn chips.
I'll buy store made hot sauce, but it isn't
as good as home-made. 

But corn chips, are a good place to start!


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