Friday, July 3

Hot Diggety Dog

I don't know what made us do it.
It just happened.
We decided to do a hot dog a week this summer.
I'm all about easy.
I can do this.
We did *Carolina* for the first one.
It included chili, slaw, onions.
The slaw was terrible, so the hot dog wasn't that great.
I wouldn't do this one again.
We had these on a Sunday.
With company.
But it was family, so if they didn't like them,
Sorry I'm not sorry.

The second one was the *Cowboy*.
I had James grill the hot dogs.
I think I bought some with jalapeno peppers in them. 
This recipe called for M.J. cheese, fried bacon pieces,
onions and mushrooms.
All fried in Worcestershire sauce.

When I think of cowboys, I don't think of mushrooms.
When I think of mushrooms, I don't think about cowboys.

I thought they would be good on these *cowboy* plates.
We ate these by ourselves.
Another family people person had one.
They weren't impressed, but they had manners.

Mine doesn't have cheese.
Cheese and I don't get along anymore.

OK, I probably wouldn't do this one again either.
Are you wondering if this is all worth it?
They don't taste horrible, they just aren't what we
call a *keeper*.


This one is the Corny-Dog.
It's not what you're thinking though.
You're thinking CORN dog.
This one was corny.
I bought all beef, bun length, Oscar Meyer hot dogs.
They didn't need grilled, they were yum-city without it.
I just fried them up in the black skillet.

We had company.
More family, with manners.
Only this one was different.

It was honestly good.
Just sort of a cold relish made from:
corn, jalapeno, dill relish, celery salt.

I spent about the same $$ on the buns as I did the hot dogs.
I really struggle with white, store brand, buns.
These were really good.
I may be hooked.

These were cheese and tomato free.
These climbed to the top as #1.

Since our Summer like weather can last clear to the end of October,
I'll probably keep this up until then.
Pretty soon, I'll be a hot-dog-snob.


Rebecca said...

What a great idea - hot dogs every week! And with your great sense of humor, this just may be have potential for an all-out Reality Show, thrusting you and your mannered guests into a lucrative contract and cushy future!

Michele McEntire said...

Have you ever googled hot dog recipe ideas? There's a whole world out there of different kinds!