Tuesday, June 23

Zoo Day

It was already hot.
One parking lot was already full.
But I had on my good walking shoes,
 had water in the back-pack,
and sandwiches in baggies.

This was before we all started to melt.
At the Houston Zoo,
the seals are the first thing you see.
And, the last.  :)


I'd like to grow a plant in the shape of something,
other than the shape of a plant.
I'm sure I'd like one that looked like a rabbit,
but an armadillo might be easier.

We haven't been to the zoo for quite a while.
It was fun to see the things they have added.

When I see pretty flowers and plants at the zoo,
I think hmmmmm.
Houston is ONE hour from us,
if they can grow it in the zoo,
I can too.
I mean at home,
not in a zoo.

I always like to see an animal grinning.

This leopard looked more like a stuffed
animal than any animal I've seen.
There might be some exceptions with koala bears....

This was HUGE.
It was PINK.

This bird spread its wings for me to take a picture. 
I thought that was awfully nice.
This bird helped me believe even more
in dinosaurs.
Ugly ones.

This is my favorite area.......the birds.
Only there weren't very many birds this time,
and the ponds and waterfalls were all turned off.
Thanks OBAMA.

We took James Kelzie to Spaghetti Warehouse.
Great choice.
The food was good and the
experience was perfect.
James got Italian Wedding Soup,
Spaghetti and Meatballs.
And a Dr. Pepper.
I'm glad he was with us today.

see m ducks?

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