Tuesday, March 24

My March 24th

I got up a little earlier than usual.
It was a little chilly in the bedroom.
I opened a window before bed last night.
It sure felt nice.
I know it won't last much longer.
At this time of year, it can go either direction.
Today was beautiful.
I fed the dogs and cat.
Made coffee.
Put seed out for the birds.
Got my feet soaked in the wet grass.

I checked fabric to work on making a blue and white rag rug.
This is why I don't get other things done.
I am fixing to do something serious,
and find myself in the sewing room,
cutting fabric.

I did a load of towels.
I am testing out my new drying rack
to see if I can get a whole load on it.
I can.
I turn the ceiling fan on in the wash room.
It is cheaper than running the dryer.
One of these days I won't be saving my dryer
for a rainy day......
but right now, I can.

I am reading in Esther.
Trying to get the details of the story,
straight in my mind.
There's really no cause to wonder about things.
Look it up.
See for yourself.
Mordecai is NOT said to be Esther's Uncle.
He is her cousin.
All this time, I thought he was her Uncle.

I ate my last Biscotti.
I'm sorry about it.
I won't be getting groceries until Thursday.
I don't eat one every day,
but for the most part,
every day there IS a Biscotti in the cabinet.

I KNOW there can't be that much difference from it being Winter,
and the next day, Spring........
but these past few days have been unusually beautiful.
It just feels different.
The birds were tweeting so loud outside the front room
windows today, I thought it wasn't even real.
Like a ZEDGE phone ringtone or something.....

I did dishes.
I very much dislike washing bread pans.
I made bread for the librarian yesterday...
and should have washed the pans yesterday.
But I didn't.
I am using those *soak it up* drain pads.
They do work.

Got the mail.
My mom sent me a few Penny's coupons.....
and this.
Mr. Gumbir
Mean old Mr. Gumbir.
Records of the $$$$$$$$ they paid to him.
I of course, when I was 4, did not understand
what it meant to rent OR buy a house.
I only knew that my mom and dad gave ALL of
our money to Mr. Gumbir.
ALL of it.
So, I, in my four year old way,
hated him.

I finished an apron for Kimberly.
I DO hope she forgets how long I've had this fabric,
and how long I've been meaning to make her an apron.
And if she does remember,
I hope she forgives me.

This was around noon.
The temp had gone up 10 degrees.
Still beautiful out.

Driving to Lake Jackson.
The Journey was lurching,
the motor was making LOTS of noise.
This time that little orange engine light,

All three of us got some form of chicken.
So, everything we got,
tasted like......CHICKEN.
I sure wish I would have known they were
going to put a huge spoon full of diced tomatoes
right on top of my salad.
I would have told them not to.
Klarisa got water with a lemon as you can see.
Without paying a bit of attention,
I grabbed her water and took a drink.
It wasn't my Sprite,
so it didn't taste like lemon water.
It tasted like.....NOT SPRITE.

We went to Brew and Bake.
There was a young man in training,
that helped take our order.
If he made my coffee,
he did a good job.

Of COURSE I want to come the back way home.
Down Gargoyle Road.
Sure are lots of houses being built on that road.
Not ME.
Not ME.

Instead of eating supper when he got home,
James and I drove to where I left the car.
It was still there.
Called a wrecker.
He was pretty helpful.
It was right on the verge of being too
late to take the broken Journey to
a dealership.
We headed towards Ragland in the truck,
the wrecker man headed the same direction.
We were initially in front of him.
But he got there before we did.
I'm thinking they all know the back
roads and short cuts.
Before we left, he answered his phone.
I heard him say.....uh....I have to GO.
It was his mom.
He said, when your mom calls,
you answer.
It was funny.
Maybe not to her.

When we got home,
James still wanted supper.
do WHAT?
I made him something with chicken.
Then I worked a little on the
blue and white rag rug.

Oh yeah.
When we were at the dealership,
I was looking at 2015 Chrysler 300's.
A white one.
A maroon one.
(I don't like the head-lights.  Just sayin')
A salesman came up and gave me his card.
I can't wait to go back and pick up our fixed car.
Maybe they have a purple something,
and I just didn't see it.

Klarisa found the book.
We are sharing it.
Or we had been sharing it,
until she lost it.

It was a pretty nice day.
Of course, nobody wants their car
to lurch and for the engine to whine,
but worse things can happen.
I didn't get to go to Baywood and buy milk....
and look at their Blue Bell.
I'm actually close enough to walk if I need to.
I'll carry ice cream home,
but not a gallon of milk.
I play Words With Friends with LOTS of people,
and today,
I made the word.....
I didn't make a zillion points,
but it did make me smile.
I hope your 24th was nice.
Good night.


kim said...

I remember.

rebecca said...

Where to begin? I'm sorry about your car - glad it was fixable. I play Words with Friends too. Doesn't sound like you need another friend to play with. I like that blue and white rag rug. Is it hard to do? Do you need special equipment to do it? Skill?

Michele McEntire said...

Kimberly, if you remember, now you need to forgive.
Rebecca, I would want to play Words With Friends with you......and as far as the rag rug goes, all you need is fabric, a huge crochet hook and scissors.

Karen said...

Sounds like quite a day....lots of things to blog about. Always love reading your blog posts. You have a great way of summing things up.


Grammie Kim said...

You have not played Words with Friends with me in a long time. huh

I like Kimberly's apron.

Next time I come to visit, you, you are going to sit me down with some stuff to show me how to crochet those rag ruggie things.

Rebecca said...

You lost me with that "crochet hook". Message me with your words with friends name. I'll try to connect. (My phone is out of reach, and I can't remember MY name, and I'm too lazy to get up and get it - otherwise I'd give it to you here.)