Monday, February 9

Ducks in a row......



Here is *Pearls of Wisdom*
from a book I just bought:
"The best way to clean a house,
 is to keep it clean by a daily attention to small things,
 and never allow it to get into such a state of
 dirtiness and disorder as to require great and periodical cleanings,
 which turn comfort out of doors."

I do the Mount Vernon cleaning method,
ONE room at a time,
Jane A. method,
go from one end of the house
to the other end.
I also do hurricane season cleaning....
I will go through the house and tidy up
everything I can,
before June,
that way when a hurricane blows it away,
I will know what I lost.
And sometimes you will find me on the couch,
eating ice cream.
The Blue Bell method.


Rebecca said...

You are so much FUN. (You wouldn't want to hear MY method - and I don't think I'd want to publicize it!)

Michele McEntire said...

Your house always looks nice, from what I can see......

Anonymous said...

I love Fisher Price little people! I have a school bus with people in it...see you soon in Kansas! love Kristi!