Sometimes, listening to somebody's dream,
is worse than a badly written,
badly played,
fiction movie.
Somebody else's dream is
worse than fiction.

The details are ridiculous,
and you know it came from their
unsettled head.
But they just keep on and on.
And keep adding things.
We have to care.
We've been *chosen* to listen to it.

We've all *told* our dreams to somebody before.
Not dreams of living in the mountains and having
a Dodge Charger in our favorite color....
but night dreams.
We've all bored somebody to tears
with our details.....

You know you've done it.
If there is a dream hanging in your mind
when you wake up,
you gotta tell it.

I'll make this as short as I can.

I woke up wide awake as a hoot-owl  this morning
around 2:00 a.m..
I sang songs, made out a Saturday *to-do* list,
tried to remember how many cups of coffee I had,
prayed  for my mom and dad......
finally go back to sleep.
(I never consider getting up when I can't sleep)

I go back to sleep only to have a horrible dream.

I'm shopping in a huge run down rusty warehouse.
I have my purse.
I am looking at yellow things to consider buying.
While I'm doing that, somebody takes my purse.
I have my phone.
At least it wasn't in my purse.

Well, not so good.
Anytime I swipe my phone to come on,
all it will do is bring up games.
Can't text.
Can't call.

I was glad to finally wake up.
I had to TELL myself,
my purse is on the table.....
I wasn't in a warehouse.....
and my phone doesn't have silly game apps
on it.....


So, which is better?
Which is worse?
Not being able to sleep?
Sleeping and having a bad dream?


Sheri Hepworth said…
I have this same question come to mind every time I go back to bed after hubby goes to work. Was it really worth the extra hours of sleep to have those annoying dreams bug me?
rebecca said…
Yellow? What's up with THAT?
And what's up with the tree limp on somebunny's roof?
And speaking of dreams.....
Anonymous said…
I always think its better to get the extra sleep, until it is so terribly interrupted with weird dreams...scary, disconcerting, out of character with my normal thinking.
But I will probably always choose sleep.
Kim (BB)
The tree was just part of my son's bad dream......
cwmcentire said…
HEY! that's my house. and EX-tree. thanks for THAT memory. ;)


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