Monday, February 16


When we moved here 25 years ago,
I said I would plant flowers.
I did.
And they grew.
So did other things.
The trees.
And our kids.
Caleb turned five years old the day we moved.
It was his birthday.
Sara was 7. Olivia was 3. Daniel was 6 weeks old.
Happy birthday Caleb.
Caleb could read before he was in Kindergarten.
He has a scar on his forehead and on his arm from bike wrecks.
He likes to do transmission work on cars and trucks.
He teaches the boy Sunday School class upstairs.
I teach the girl Sunday School class downstairs.
Sometimes on the way back, we ask each other if we have
a lesson prepared.  Knowing that we do.
He's our Song Leader.
He preaches every Wednesday night.
He has a lovely wife from Alaska,
and three little girls.
I've always been thankful for Caleb.
Except for a few minutes the day he was born.
He weighed 10 pounds.
Caleb turns 30 today.
Today we've been here 25 years.
If I ever thought back then.....
I wonder where I'll be in 25 years?
What will I be doing?
Well, now I know.
I'm still planting flowers.



Grammie Kim said...

God is good. Thanking Him for all that He allows in our lives. Caleb is such a blessing. I'm so thankful he belongs to us now, too.
Happy Birthday, Caleb.
30 is a very good year.

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday to your Caleb! And are those CURRENT photos of flowers? (If so, I'm eating my heart out here.)

Anonymous said...

I love that wooden bench with pans hanging from it,you have quite a collection! see you soon Kristi