Tuesday, January 13

Random Coffee

Wouldn't you just love to be on a road trip and see this? 

This is a picture from my friend's new home.....her husband's name is really Joe. 

How about.........YES!

I'm pretty much always ready.  Just ask.

Yeah.  I hate going in to coffee places that speak a different language than just the normal
size cup language.

Well, I don't go STRAIGHT for the coffee pot in the morning.  I feed Sheba and Bunny and Zephyr.  How could I enjoy coffee with Zephyr outside the kitchen window meowing like she hasn't eaten since 1943......or Bunny scratching 100 mph...... at the glass door to her little sleeping room.....or Sheba pulling the *stare* on me. 

If you get your coffee ready for the morning, before you go to bed at night, then turn around so I can pat your back.  What a great thing that must be. 

This is why I like to camp.  We always get coffee and donuts on the way.  I can put up with anything after that.....

I'd like some of this please and thank you.

If I had this picture, I'd frame it.

I'm waiting for a new coffee gadget.  I've had an Amazon gift card since my birthday, and finally used it.  Should be here today or tomorrow.  Yay. 



Kristi said...

I enjoyed this post, despite the fact I despise coffee. lol

So what is your coffee gadget?


Michele McEntire said...

A *wave* brewer from Japan. I'll post a picture....when I get it.

Anonymous said...

Michele! Michele! DONUTS? after I told you no mo!

Anonymous said...

That squirrel looks just like you! lol red purse & all, reminds me on Granny Wilhelm also! kristi

Michele McEntire said...

I said I'd FRAME the picture, not EAT the donuts......