Tuesday, January 13

January 13

I made a breakfast recipe from Pinterest.
The tater tots made kind of a hash brown crust.
Then I whipped eggs, cheese, bacon together....
and baked it.
If YOU try this at home, use a big size muffin pan,
and be sure to spray it.
You can change it up with different cheese,
add onions, use sausage instead of bacon.
Don't mess with the eggs.
Use real ones.

I got my Amazon order!

I'm glad I got the aluminum one,
instead of one that could break/crack/shatter because of
boiling water.

I boiled the amount of water that would fit in my coffee cup.
Poured the boiling water over the grounds in the filter.
It just drip drip dripped right into the cup.

Perfect and hot.
I think I'm going to like this new
way to make coffee.

I also bought a rocking chair.
It had hideous furry stuff on it.
Looked like the feathers from
a baby peacock.
Even *I* couldn't like it.
I recovered it with what I had.

I also took stuff from the side of the house,
and put that stuff,
in the back yard,
where we could see it.

I also painted more snowflakes on the fence.
I can see this part of our back yard
when I'm in the dining room.
So, I'm going to fix it up
with everything I have.
Which again, is random.


Anonymous said...

I love the old rocker...it looked like it was fairly easy to recover! hey someone came into Yoder at Christmas looking for handmade aprons!..need to make some more with sunflowers on them by next August for Yoder days. Maybe you could plan to come to Yoder on that day and spend the day with me. Its the 4th Saturday in August! it would be so fun!! Kristi

Grammie Kim said...

Do it, Mo. Sew Sunflower stuff and go to Yoder. Do it.