Friday, January 9


If you like green peppers, lots of hot spices, rice, shrimp, chicken, sausage and onions, canned tomatoes (you can hardly taste them) and celery.....all mixed together, then you like Jambalaya.  I listened to the song about Jambalaya growing up.....never knowing it was something you could actually make and eat, even if you didn't live in Louisiana. 

I did the recipe right.
Sometimes I don't.

It has a rather sick color to it,
but it was really good.

David and Kimberly helped us eat it.
And lived to tell about it.

I shouldn't have started the year out
so lofty.
I should have made grilled peanut butter
and jelly....that way anything I made after that
would somehow be better.
Thank you Pinterest for the recipe.
This coming week I'm making
crunch wraps, just like Taco Bell.
Well, maybe not JUST like Taco Bell.
There won't be any tomatoes on the ones I make.

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