Thursday, January 29

Happy Birthday Mom and Kansas

Last year at this time, my mom was opening over 100 birthday cards.  It was an old fashion card party, and I still think about it and smile.  Like I said (that's what my mom always says) last year, my mother is the Queen of writing letters and sending she deserved some herself.  And she surely got them!  I'm thankful the Lord saw it fit to give my mother one more year of life.  I needed her this year, and she was always there to listen and help. 


My mom hasn't always been old.  She once had two little girls.  This house , which is on a corner in Great Bend, is still there.  It's where I first remember things.  Like swing-sets, kittens, bubble gum, guppies, and somebody feeding me a tomato when I was in a high-chair, and sunlight was coming in the kitchen window. ( I like sunlight).....We ate cake and watermelon on this porch, ran in the sprinklers in this yard....and could walk two houses down to visit my Granny.

Happy Birthday Kansas!  I grew up knowing my state's birthday, because it was on the same day as my mom's!  Maybe go look up what day your state became a state (and learn something)  so your whole day won't be a waste.


Anonymous said...

Yes I am so thankful that Mom was here another year and I pray for another year for her! If I could relive one day it would be to go back to that house on Heizer street. Go see Granny 2 houses down... eat grapes from her in the yard..sit in the kitchen and eat lunch with the sun shining in south window and go to park school and remember when I was a fairy in the Nutcracker suite...awww the memories were so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Mom always had such pretty fixed hair. Grandma Foos always was giving her perms and rolling and washing her hair for her. To this day Mom still makes her weekly trip to have her hair fixed!