Thursday, January 1


I'll start the year off with a Snoopy post.
I've loved Snoopy and Charlie Brown since I can remember.
My dad used to say to me,
"You can do it Charlie Brown."

Snoopy seems to be silent,
but say so much.

Snoopy is always ready to just be cool,
to take a nap,
to eat cookies,
and if necessary,
fight with the neighbor cat.

Snoopy loves naps,
and he loves to smooch.

He can be bummed out,
but never as bummed out as Charlie Brown.
We're a lot like Snoopy, or he's a lot like us.....
we just don't have speech bubbles.
Probably a good thing.

Little things make Snoopy happy.
Like a letter in the mail.
Which reminds me,
I ought to look for some Snoopy stationery.

Snoopy helps you try to tell somebody just how you feel.
I used to have a miniature deck of Snoopy cards.
It was a picture of Snoopy, blue background,
white snowflakes.
I wish I still had them.

Snoopy has a temper,
but not like Lucy.
I also used to have a poster of Snoopy,
on a surfboard,
saying Cowabunga.
Wish I still had it.
Note to self,
don't get rid of anymore
Snoopy stuff.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! I bought some Snoopy glasses. there were 4 of them in a set...tall ones and each has a painted picture of Snoopy on his doghouse w/lights and one of Snoopy & Charlie Brown sledding and then one of all of the gang singing joy to the world and the last one of charlie brown & Snoopy decorating a tree with the words Seasons greetings on it. I think of you Michele everytime I see something with Snoopy on it. I should learn from him and keep my mouth quiet! lol Love ya , Kristi