Saturday, December 20

The Day Before Winter


So, today is the last day of Autumn.
It comes late here.
So late sometimes,
I wonder if it ever will come.

I love the color of the duplex across from us.
It always looks so stylish during this time of year.
The orange zinnias are pretty nice, too.

This little twig of a tree is in my Spider Tree Garden.
It has put on its own little color show just for me.
It wasn't affected by the plague going on in the back yard.
It missed the black and moldy whatever that is covering everything
that doesn't MOVE in the back yard.

You'd think that after 25+ years that I would be used
to the way things are down here.
Christmas and Autumn can happen the same week.......
and this is when you pick citrus fruit from your trees.
I bought this lemon at a thrift store.
For a quarter.
It grew somewhere here in Brazoria county....
I'd love to see the tree it came from.
I bought this for target practice.
I'm not a great lover of *tart and sour*.

Here is a spider photo-bombing the
beautiful pink sky
one December morning.
I'm also not a fan of spiders.

So, on this last day of Autumn,
this is what our yard looks like.
Sorta like it May.

I haven't even watched the weather,
haven't looked it up to see what it's going
to be like Christmas Day.
I guess if it's 83 out,
we'll deal with it.

Remember, there is no bad weather,
only inappropriate clothing.
Except for hurricanes.
I don't know any clothing
that would help you
in a hurricane.


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Anonymous said...

I didn't even realize it was going to be the first day of winter, because our weather here in Kansas has been mild, though we had a snow, it was a good ground soaking wet one.The snowflakes on the window is so pretty! I really like your glass vase? with a plant in it. Make some lemonade with that is beautiful..wish I could get a lemon for 25cents!!The clouds are awesome, I love looking at clouds year round, never the same! Love Kristi