Tuesday, December 2

I keep adding things.....

If you open our front door closet, you will see a menu from Catfish O-Harlie's....a picture of a screen door and some Snoopy wrapping paper.  I like to see things, so I tape them to walls.  I restrain from doing it in every room of our house, but some get it with both barrels.  This is now Bunny's Room.  It used to be the Sewing Room, before that, it was the Office, before that, it was a porch.  This calendar has been up since, well, 2,009.  I wonder what kept me from turning it over to March.  Maybe because I liked the pictures of the chicks? 

Millie was over the day I did the *wall*.  It is pretty random, but it feels sort of like a quilt. 

Pictures of the kids, a stroller I love, Alisa all in pink, puppies in socks, a kitten in a milk bath, tulips, a snowy scene, a cottage, a craft I'd like to do some day, Holly Hobby, a verse, three little girls, Lydia in the *dress*, a tea-cup, an M card, my blood donation I.D. card that I no longer need, my sister's family and a giraffe key-chain from the June, African trip.

I bought a duck call at Bass Pro Shop....thought I'd better keep the directions on the package in case I ever really went duck hunting instead of just honking it the whole way home in the back seat, above that is a picture of a quilt fair the girls and I went to.  And Josh....and another little boy.  Remind me not to go with Josh or that little boy ever again.  The three younger girls are wearing matching jumpers I made them.  Doesn't take long for girls to not like THAT.  To the left is a page out of a magazine about black licorice.  I love black licorice.  I bet it's just as good for you as raisins or tomatoes. 

The 3D hand was made by Gracee. Sweet Gracee.  And a letter from a little girl in Washington state.  We write each other and talk about flowers.  Bunny cards.  I have lots of bunny cards people have sent me. 

To the left is a map of the Turquoise Trail, in New Mexico.  It was on this trail that I learned how quickly an attitude can change when you get what you want....Above the tulips is a picture of my Aunt and I in Kansas.  We don't take those trips anymore, but when I see this picture, it reminds me of the good times we had with each other.  Driving for 10 hours there and back, and talking the whole way.  I love Holly Hobby and people give me cards with her *type* on them.  I've even been accused of dressing like Holly Hobby.  It beats the other, but that's another post......

The dress to the left you see was actually owned by a very good friend.  I loved that dress on her.  When I see it, I think of her, and how young we used to be.  Top pic is Robert Brougher, he played Voltaire in a school play.  He was perfect for the part.  He lived behind us in Seward, the little dirt town I grew up in.  We worked together, went to school together, and fought with each other.  The white car you see, was my first car.  I wish I still had it.  WELL, NO KIDDING. 
I guess I'm a sentimental slob......in my little office, I'm looking at a picture of my dad and his garage covered with license plates. He probably has a pile that need to be nailed up, but just can't do it anymore.  :(  I have a Holly Hobby cut out of a card with my krinkly scissors, a Steve and Annie Chapman tape I can't bear to listen to.....Circle of Two......a picture of five little girl feet in the exact same shoes....in Sunday School class.  Those little girls are gone, but I have a picture of their cute little feet in their black Mary Jane shoes.  I have a pencil drawn rabbit with earrings.......Coonrod, and some graffiti from Klarisa.....me in front of my old piano.....  Now I'm all sad.  The End.

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Angel said...

Abigail will be so excited to see her letter on your wall. She has a love of taping or pinning things on walls too. Maybe she will write you a letter about it ;)