Thursday, December 4

4th of December

I just happened to look in a little book.....
and I saw that the day we picked up a little
big eared dog, from Nancy Wilson,
was December 4th.
It was a freezing cold day, and wet.
We got her home and needed to name her.
I like Dorothy, and call her Dot.
Because she was so little.
We named her Bunny.
I know what a bunny is,
and I know what a dog is.
I've owned a few rabbits,
and I love rabbits....
so Bunny was the perfect name.

I read this book when I was little.
This little pup called Bitsy kept growing
bigger and bigger.
Bunny never really did.
What fit her 4 years ago, would fit her now.

She loves to sleep on the furniture.
She loves it when somebody is sick on the couch.
She will be right next to you all day long.
She is a true lap dog.
She can hear me open a package of *anything*
from the far reaches of the house.
She lives for the day
somebody drops something
on the floor.
Accidently, on purpose.

When Sheba came to us as a puppy, she was bigger than Bunny.
But only in size.
Bunny is actually bigger than Sheba.

They share beds when it is cold.
When Sheba was little and Bunny wasn't so old,
they used to play with an old knotted up t-shirt.
Sheba would drag Bunny around the dining room.
Not anymore.

Bunny took almost a year to house potty train.
It is best to not make eye contact with her
if you are a stranger.
She is a barker, but she will shut up.
She likes to sleep in her kennel.
She also sleeps on chairs under
the big eating table.  I think she likes to hide
while she takes naps.
She is a tad finicky.
She will stare at you the whole
time you eat a bowl of ice cream.
Ice cream is a little hard to drop
on the floor for a dog.
Bunny LOVES to go to Aunt Theresa's house,
and to visit Christina.
So when we go on a trip,
she doesn't mind a bit.
So, happy day to you Bunny.
And thanks for never biting anybody.

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Anonymous said...

she is cute and sounds like a good dog and I hope you still have the original book of 5 beds for Bitsy...I always have wanted a dog that looks like Bitsy. kristi