Thursday, December 25


Ten years ago today,
we had a white Christmas.
It started snowing on Christmas Eve,
and it was wonderful.
A few of the kids stayed out in it
for a really long time,
in their pathetic *winter* coats.
They wanted to enjoy every minute of it.
It just kept snowing, and snowing, and snowing.
Being from Kansas, I know that snow
can be very different.
It can come in a blizzard that stings your face
at 30 m.p.h......
it can sort of just spit snow,
it can come down kind of crumbly and dry,
and it can come in huge flakes,
all stuck together,
that make snowballs.
Snowball snow.
That was the best kind of snow.
That's the kind the  *Snow of 2004* was.
The whole McEntire family
was at PaPa and Granny's that year.
There were piles of grandkids
 running in and out all day.
I'll never forget that Christmas. 
And I'm sure we'll NEVER have another one quite like it.
For many reasons.
Kids grow up,
and it only snows here about once every 80 years.



Grammie Kim said...

Such fun memory! I am so glad you had the "Snow of 2004"!

Anonymous said...

I bet that was a great Christmas Day, it just had to be a miracle! I remember you calling and being so excited about should happen more often! we are supposed to get a dusting of snow later today...I am waiting for a big one to arrive sometime this winter...I love the coziness of staying in and looking out the window as it falls..I remember my kids always dragging out the sled and making a snowman...I have lots of pictures of those good times! Hot cocoa & wet snowy clothes all over! HMM memories...Kristi