Wednesday, November 5


I've been cleaning a lot of things lately.
Today I went through some pictures.
The first picture is of two grown women,
that used to be little girls, of course.
I babysat these two girls.
A lot.
The one on the left was just a couple months old
when she came into my life.
These two girls are the first kids I ever really took care of,
and spent so much time with.
Their parents were wonderful to me....
and I enjoyed being with all of them.
I think about them often, and wonder how they are doing.
And wonder if they think about me.

This little girl is Jenny Sue.
She was adopted.
She is the first kid I think about when
I think about adoption.
I must have graduated and moved away and
became very important.....because I don't remember
much more about Jenny Sue.
I just know her adopted mother was SO glad to
get a little daughter.

Everybody in America, had a 4th grade teacher.
I bet not very many of you had a 4th grade teacher that lived
in a blue house on the highway,
and lived to be 105.
This woman taught me long division.
Mrs. Adams.
I taught her something too.
Don't trust 4th graders.

This is my Aunt Gladys.
I think she looked like this the last time
I played Scrabble with her.
What I wouldn't do, to play one more game with her.
And laugh.  And talk.  And remember things with her.
And ask her questions.
Questions that will never be answered.

Left from Right
Aunt Gladys holding Steve.
Steve was my weird cousin.
He is still weird, today.
Aunt Katy
Aunt Frieda
My Granny
I remember my mom talking about Granny
and how she started wearing pants.
Women lost lots, when they started wearing pants.
They shouldn't have ever done it.
It's caused more troubles than we will ever know.
I love the dresses they wore a long time ago.
They don't make them like this anymore.
Guess they don't need to?
Cause everybody is wearing jeans?

I sold wedding dresses in a little shop,
in Dallas, at a mall called Redbird.
If I recall, we all had a pretty good time working there.
E.J., Patty, Gerrald, Shari.....
E.J. would waltz around singing: I love the Lord, He heard my cry.
Patty was always in the back putting on lipstick. 
Gerrald was always gone buying a corn-dog.
Shari just stood behind the desk and looked pretty.
Me?  I played dress up.
I got in the window all dressed up like this,
and scared people as they walked past.
That was a FUN day.
Too bad more days aren't like that day.

This was in Freeport.
Klarisa went around town with the four of us one day,
and took family pictures.
That was a fun day too, I guess.
I bet I got tired of smiling, though.

You know what it feels like to take pictures of something that
can't ever happen again.....then lose them on some
sort of electronic device?
I do.
I lost a whole pile of pictures of the twins after they were born,
I have quite a few, but I lost lots. 
This picture always makes me smile.


Leslie Berridge said...

This encourages me to get all my pictures off my phone when I get out of bed in the morning. I hope my phone doesn't crash before I do it!

Rebecca said...

What a trip down memory lane for you! Your mind has a lot of experiences to hold on to - and you sure come up with some great rabbit trails to go down...

Michele McEntire said...

I almost named my blog, Random Rabbits, but Rabbit Trails seems to describe it better......