Up the Down Staircase

I just cannot get this childhood disappointment out of my head.
Every time I hear about this movie,
it makes me remember a terrible time in my growing up life.
Larned, is the town where you went,
to the hospital,
if you lived in Kansas,
because you were....
sick in the head, not body.
So, if you're from Kansas, and somebody suggested
you were FROM Larned, or should move there,
it was not a compliment.
(this is the place my dad has stated he
wants to retire, said it would be more
fun than a rest home)
In grade school, I played the flute.
Still could if I tried very hard.
I was in the band, and during Christmas time,
we would march down the main drag of....
where do you think?
Larned.....THEN, of all things,
we would march and play for the mental hospital.
March right up and down the roads inside the fence.
As if we didn't have enough things to make fun of as 7th graders.
(actually, they were probably laughing at US, too)
Well, one Christmas, the city of Larned gave us a free
pass to a movie for being *in the band.*
This is the movie they played.
I remember thinking,
What kind of a movie was this for kids?
You sort of had to be a little older than 13 to understand it.
This movie came on today while I was cutting up garlic for a roast,
cleaning asparagus and freezing chicken.
So, I watched it.
And now, I understand it.


Rebecca said…
Seriously? (Not sure I've ever watched it, but I know the story-line...)

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