Wednesday, November 26


Sometimes you are fixing to leave the house and your car
has a flat tire.
Then you say bummer.
Sometimes you leave a restaurant and you
try to get into a car that looks JUST like
yours....and the key doesn't work...
and you look around and hope nobody saw you.

Then sometimes,
you head out the door,
and see this.
And think,
do whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

So, then, you get to go to a car wash.
For $12.
The whole way there, you discuss
what IN THE WORLD did this?

The view at the car wash was just pretty nice.
A palm tree mixed in with Autumn colors.

$12 didn't quite take care of the problem,
most of it,
but not all of it.

OK Denny's.
Time to get some new cream pitchers.

I always enjoyed frost on the proverbial pumpkin
when I lived in Kansas.
I loved a good frosty night and morning.
The kind that makes it look like diamonds are in your grass.
Well, here's our frost.
It's a bank.
If I moved to Pearland, this is where I would bank.
If I had any money left.

We went to Burlington to find some suits.
I found this ceramic milk carton.
Some of the paint was chipped off of it,
but that's OK.
For $1.98, I could overlook paint chips.

I was not crabby.
The sun was in my eye.
Glad I wasn't playing ball.
Everybody would have been
mad at me.

We went to a place where my husband could get jambalaya. 
I got a burn your stomach all the way home,
jalapeno burger.
I LOVE getting Sprite/Sierra Mist when we eat out.
I also love the look on my husband's face
when I order something other than water.

I DID find a couple of books to read....and a quote book.
I love quote books. 
"Not to transmit an experience is to betray it."
Elie Wiesel
If you knew who Elie Wiesel was,
you'd know why he said that.
It pays to read.

So, here's my little ceramic milk carton.
All happy beside my rabbit canisters.

Got a new coffee maker.
It was marked down from $1200 to $49.
It was on sale,
good enough for me.
It does NOT have a reservoir that will
hold clean water,
and turn it to swamp water.
That's why I don't ever want another

Got some new coffee.
My two favorites.

Funny, we also live close to Sugarland,
but we always go to Pearland.
I really don't even like pears.
But I do like pearls.

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