I know,
I know,
this is pathetic.
To buy already cooked noodles,
only to heat them up in the microwave,
then to pour a little packet of sauce over them,
and actually eat it.
It's good.
Not as good as Top China,
but good.

Too bad for you if you don't live where you can
buy Blackburn's Syrup.
Just sayin.....

I bought a second dish drying mat.
I liked the first one,
and it needs a chance to dry out.
So, now I have two.
They really do work.

I bought a package of the chocolate filled ones last week also,
and have not eaten ONE of them.
I don't like Oreo's especially.
But other people do.
So, I buy them for other people.
And for milk.
Milk likes Oreo cookies.

I taught Daniel how to make sweet potatoes,
but since I didn't think he was going to be where *I* was
on Thanksgiving, I offered to make them.
(he should really be doing this)
I also do not like sweet potatoes.
I make them for others, that do.
I always buy long skinny ones.
They are hard, woody, difficult to cut,
and the long skinny ones are easier to deal with.
Just a little trick.
People passing by me going through the sweet potatoes
wonder what in the world I'm looking for.
Just take the ones on top and go home.

I like apples.
I can eat them without junk on them.
But today, I bought stuff to dip my apples in.
And while I'm at it.....I'd sure like to know who put a half used
container of marshmallow cream, back in the cabinet instead of the fridge....
who knows when?
I'll probably never know who it was.
I'll blame whom I choose.
Mixing a container of this marshmallow cream with a block
of cream cheese, sure makes fruit easier to eat.
Except for cantaloupe.
Nothing will help cantaloupe.

This stuff is just fun.
You ought to wash your sheets in it.
It smells wonderful.

There's just some things I don't want to touch.
Like raw chicken.
25 jalapeno peppers and their seeds.
Dog throw up.
Did I mention raw chicken?

I've always said,
if you're going to do dishes,
you ought to have something wonderful to smell while
you're doing them.
I do dishes,
I escape to New Zealand.

This candle is neither here nor there.....
Zesty Lemon Peppercorn?
It's the little tag on the side I was concerned about.
It says it's their....get this....
It was on ALL of their candles.
ALL of them.
Each silly candle had the same tag.
How can you know something is the best, unless you've tried it all?
Like coffee?
Who can claim they serve the best coffee?
In all of New York?
Or the best ribs?
In all of Alvin, Texas.
Or the best seafood?
On the East Coast?
Or THESE are the most comfortable shoes?
Or that you had the worst year ever?
How do you know somebody else didn't have a worse one?
This is what I would call.....
stretching your blanket.

I bought some flowers.
They looked so Autumnal.
And they were.....
so marked down.

I bought more lip stuff that I can't stand.
I can't believe I did it again.
If I had a nickel for every silly lip stuff I've bought,
that didn't work for me.....I'd HAVE
money to buy the best ribs in Alvin, Texas.
(not pictured.....I also bought a 5 layer burrito from Taco Bell)


Rebekah said…
Have you tried Lypsyl yet? I love, love it. Best lip stuff ever.

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