Tuesday, November 4

Good-Bye Uncle Buddy

Today was Uncle Buddy's funeral.
I don't remember when I first met him.
I can't say I knew him all that well.
But being around people today,
 that DID know him well,
was just pretty special.
I knew he was a giver.
But I didn't know to what extent until today.
I heard stories about him today, that I've
not even come close to knowing in others.
He was so well liked at a certain restaurant,
that when the Christmas tree was put up,
with employee pictures on ornaments,
there was one of Uncle Buddy, too.
Everybody in the place, had they been asked,
would have their own story about how Uncle Buddy,
at one time or another,
helped them in some way.
(we could have named many things, easily)
It's almost as if he LISTENED...
to what people said,
and WATCHED.....
what people did....
so he could turn around and help
with what was hurting
or needed attention.
I understand, that at funerals, nobody has anything
bad to say about the departed.
But today was different.
The memories and thoughts of people that spoke for him,
went deeper than usual.
He worked for the same company for many years,
and a few of the owners/brothers stood and spoke of what
Uncle Buddy was to them.
They said he was a man of his word.
He did what he said he was going to do.
Uncle Buddy was a man that did much for others.
But never wanted anybody to talk about it.
He could appear gruff,
but loved his dogs.....and even had a pet rabbit at one time.
He loved his family,
his job,
his friends,
and loved to fish.
I was just thinking......
The things people are going to say about us at our funeral,
the things people think about us at our death,
we are causing those things TODAY.
We are making memories for tomorrow,
We are living in such a way that people
will be sad when we're gone.....
or glad.
I'm sad
that Uncle Buddy is gone.
Sad for others that loved him and will miss him.
Maybe sad that I didn't know him better.

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