David and Kimberly Came to Visit

They didn't have a super duper long time to be here....
but they came, anyway.
They got here around 4 on Thursday.....and we started right in to start supper.
It was nice to have somebody stir everything.
I sorta taught Kimberly how to make chicken and dumplings.
If she didn't *get* it, David did....

It was a perfect night for chicken and dumplings.
I make it during the hot months,
but last night was freezy-breezy,
and that made it better.

We played Mexican Train.
Haven't played it for quite some time,
so some of the things to be remembered,
were not remembered.
Like, don't get caught holding the double blank.

As if we didn't have enough to eat for supper,
we also had 7 layer dip.
But who's counting?
I'm not sure how many layers it had,
but it was good.

I didn't win, but I had fun.
We talked about games.
And memories about playing games.
We came to the conclusion that Monopoly is NOT a good
way to spend a family evening,
and nobody wants to play Boggle with Kimberly.

I burned my campfire candle.
I think they are my favorite.
Anything beats cinnamon or vanilla candles.

I BOUGHT some leaves and put them in the door-way.
Pretty pathetic, right?

It was beautifully cold out this morning.
I know it will pass though,
so I'm enjoying it.

We have a few unpleasant days....
but having zinnias in the winter,
is just pretty nice.

My fake leaves fluttered into my garden.
Just like real leaves would.
If they fell from a tree because it was Autumn.

Amelia spent the day with us.
She was looking out the back windows,
at what, I never figured out.

Made cookies, and David evidently eats
cookie dough.
I do not.
But I won't stop somebunny from doing so.
David likes them well done.
NOT a problem.

Laid Millie down for a short nap.
She was so sweet on her little bed.
She went right to sleep.
She went to sleep better than she woke up.

We played another game of Mexican Train.
I won this time.
This time, we all avoided the dreaded double blank.

Papa Bear left for work,
I got Millie up,
we met Klarisa at Carino's.
Still wondering if that was the best choice.

Then we got home,
I packed up some cookies for them,
then they left.
24 hours
That's how long they were here.
We ate lots of carbs
and had lot of fun.
Next time, I won't make so many pancakes.
Next time,
let's get donuts.


Rebecca said…
Happy for ALL of you! You crammed a lot of livin' in those 24 hours. And, by the way, I adore (well, maybe that's too strong a word) that lineup of children's chairs under the windows! I wonder, too, what she was looking at...
kim said…
Yes. Let's get donuts next time. We had fun.
Anonymous said…
I also like collecting different chairs & Amelia looked like she was just having fun looking through binoculars and amazed by them...Kimberly & David look so perfect together and very happy and I hope I can meet him someday! Glad you were at least able to see them for that short time. love ya kristi
Leslie Berridge said…
I hope they make tons of 24 hour trips to see you! What a load of fun. Do they drive a blue grandma car?

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