Saturday, November 8


My dad would say.....good to the last drop,
and that's good, too.

In the not so distant past, I tried some coffee
in a little Perking was horrible.
I still have a couple of those pots that *could* be
used if necessary. 




I was in Starbuck's with my son....we ordered coffee
and he told them a name, that wasn't his name.
He said it was his *coffee* name,
because nobody can spell his name.
Should have named him Joe......

If this happens to ME, it isn't funny.
If I do it to somebody, it is.


I disagree with this.
If you know you're not going to order your
life so you can have coffee in your own home,
in a timely fashion,
don't bring me into your lateness.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~`you know who you are~~~~~~~~~~

I saved the best one for last.
Some people NEED this cup.

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