Sunday, November 30

Brother Dave

Very sad call on Thanksgiving morning.
Brother Dave went home to be with the Lord.
We've known the Christenson family for years.
Can't for sure remember what year we all met,
but we all had lots of little kids.
They influenced the home school books we used,
and Pat gave us ALL of the books they used
when they were done with them.
Dave and Pat let us use their camping trailer to live
in for a short while....
and one of our children proceeded to
put snake like bites in the  brand new upholstery
with a meat fork. 
Brother Dave came from Mexico to Dallas to be
present when my husband got ordained.
After we left PVBC, we still got to see the family,
once in church camp in Arkansas,
mission conferences,
OUR church here in Freeport,
and in our home,
because missionaries stayed with us. 
It is always great to have *friend* missionaries
stay, people we actually knew....
and this was of course, the Christenson family.
They were in our home the last of August.
I know the exact date, because Pat
signed our little book.
The book I put in our newly dubbed
~~~Sleeping Room~~~
They were the first ones to stay in
that room.
They always brought us things when they came.
I have a neat little hot-plate
that Brother Dave made himself.
He could make lots of other things, too.
He didn't limit himself to wood.
We never visited them in Mexico,
but I'm pretty sure Brother Dave was a
master fixer-upper.
He was perfectly fitted to be a missionary.
Mexico surely lost
a man that loved the people there.
He was a teacher, preacher, friend, giver, builder....
father and husband. 
Most of all, he was a missionary.
I cannot begin to imagine the things that will
be left....somewhat undone..... because he is gone.
But the Lord knows this.
I also can't imagine the sorrow of those,
that were closest to him....and their loss.
The Lord knows this, too.
The last time they were here,
which wasn't so long ago,
I was already thinking ahead to the time
that we would be able to see them again.
Guess it will be in heaven.


kim said...

That was very sad.

Anonymous said...

So sad about Brother Dave! He is rejoicing in heaven, but I know he will be greatly missed on earth. He sounded like a wonderful Godly man. Kristi