Wednesday, November 26

Brenham, Texas

Rain and storms were predicted all day in the area.
It was cloudy, and sorta rainy.
It was not very nice, actually.
We went the big highway, instead of 36.
Always take 36 in the Spring.....
that way you can see the wildflowers.
The area is lovely in Spring.
The highway is pretty in Autumn.

As we speak,
I have some Blue Bell in our freezer.
It's the best ice cream in the country,
because it comes from happy cows.

This was FUNNY.
That would be ancient e-mail.

Sometimes, the trees just don't have the gumption
to totally turn colors.

We got to the meeting place a little early, so I walked down the sidewalk
and saw this sign.
You know who gets their clothes cleaned here....
or maybe who owns the place.

In case you've never seen it before,
these are rose hips.

I haven't seen my Bosom Buddy for more than a year.
Neither one of us had aged a bit.

We visited and visited.
The time was too short.
It's hard not to see her often.
The road between us is far.
But we know each other is there.
It's good to have a bosom buddy.
I've known her since 1980.

We stopped in Pearland on the way home.
I love Blizzards.
Ice cream Blizzards.
I was eating a Blizzard,
while viewing a palm tree.

The caustic? white smoke coming out of the chemical
plant smoke-stacks,
can help you know which direction the
wind is from.
The wind was from the South.
Which meant it was another
warmish day in November.

This is what my friend brought me from Alaska.
She knows me so well.
The Alaskan state flower is Forget-Me-Not
I never will Kim,
I never will.

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Anonymous said...

love you, bb Kim