Friday, November 28

Apple Cake

I remember the day I first had this cake.
It was many moons ago.
I asked Aunt Margie for the recipe.
The best recipes are written by the hand
of those that *own* it.

This isn't an easy cake to make.
I never know for sure when to cut up the apples....
before? then they may turn brown,
or during the process....
and sort of bring everything to a halt.
This is when it's nice to have
a designated stir person.

Out of the whole process,
this is my favorite part.
I love using the sifter,
because it makes me think of the
day I bought it.
That's why I like to buy practical
things on trips.....because when
the practical things are being put to use,
they remind me of things.
Things other than when to cut up


I used Honeycrisp.
I love to eat these, too,
but they were a little old,
so they were perfect for a cake.
I'm not eating a mushy apple.

The recipe calls for 1 1/2 cups of oil.
That is a LOT of oil.

The cake is yummy,
but maybe a little unpredictable..
Turns out a little different each time,
it's because of the apples.
They're not constant, and neither are bananas in a recipe.
But nuts are.
Nuts are constant.

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