Friday, October 31

You'd Think......

You'd think that as many games as we have,
that I'd never be bored.
You'd think, as many jackets
as I have,
that it is COLD where we live.

You'd think that as much fun piano sheet music
as I buy,
that I could PLAY piano.

You'd think as many high chairs as I have,
that I would have a baby,
or at least a toddler hanging around.

You'd think, that as many baskets and crates that I own,
that I'd at least have some chickens,
or lots of eggs,
or something.

You'd think, as many dusters that I have,
that my house would NEVER be dusty.

You'd think, with all these books I own,
that I would have something to read before bed,
instead of playing Angry Birds or Words With Friends.

You'd think that with ALL this coffee paraphernalia,
that I would drink lots of coffee.
Well, I do.


Rebecca said...

Well, let's see. It IS cold up here right now.....and I DO play the piano.

Otherwise, I can identify with everything else. Especially the dust.

Oh, and since my surgery this time, I find that I don't drink as much coffee as I used to. I don't know why.

Anonymous said...

If you need more room, I can come help you clean you want me to? Stuff Stuff Stuff...I have a basement full of it! Kristi

Michele McEntire said...

Rebecca, I saw just HOW cold it was where you live.....
Kristi, I AM getting rid of lots of stuff, LOTS.