Wednesday, October 29

The Wedding

Left for San Marcos AGAIN on Friday night.
This time, for real.
This was it.
What we had been waiting for.
The 25th.

Went to their apartment in New B. for a bit,
then went to Whataburger,
then to the motel.
When we were eating, a ballerina and an angel came in.....
playing dress up since it was so close to Halloween.
I told Kimberly she should stand by this pretty staircase in the morning
for a picture.  She said NO.
Then we both remembered nobody thought much about the
angel and the ballerina .
Nobody would think anything about a bride standing by a staircase.
She still wouldn't do it.

So, this is the way the motel informs people of what happens
when they take things out of the room.
They charge your credit card.
The pillow *might* be worth it,
but the coffee maker and hair dryer would not be a good deal.
I think it's funny how they worded this so nice
to a bunch of thieves.
Which would not be me.
I have a towels and an ironing board.

How handy for Kimberly to like purple.
I voted, yes.

Photo bombing time before the ceremony.

The new Mr. and Mrs. David Burkhart
It was a perfectly beautiful day.

Look to the left.
Is Caleb singing?

Happy Happy Happy

Let's all have cake,
but skip the beer.

October 25
(I still don't like October)

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Mud Boots and Cotton Dresses said...

Goodness, you were right. The dress IS perfect and such a pretty bride! The wedding looked lovely. Congrats to all! :)