Wednesday, October 22

South Dakota

We left my little home town early-thirty Monday morning.
Drove to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
On the way, we stopped at *The Kitchen*.
It was a very good choice.
Sometimes stopping at a strange place is a failure.
Sometimes stopping at a familiar CHAIN is a failure.
The place was clean, the service was good, and the food
was edible.  On the way out, I talked to the guy?
that owned the place.  He was glad to tell me how things were going.....
how he changed the name of the place after he bought it.....
how business was off of the busy highway.
It was all fun and games....until I handed him
a tract from our church, and inviting him to come
see US if he were ever in our area.
He didn't want to take it,
and he was solid done talking.
This was in the parking lot.....
This truck almost looked like the truck we own.
Except this one was almost rusted in two.

I loved seeing the different states and their crops and scenery.
Somebody asked what our area looked like.
I couldn't explain it.
There are some cotton fields....but mostly chemical plants.
Nice clouds....and the ocean.
When my dad refers to whether or not somebody has lots of land,
he says: *Room For A Pony*
This fenced in area.....would surely afford,
*Room For A Pony*
We've only been to Sioux Falls twice, so I didn't remember this from
last time, these brick designs on the bridge.
I'll know next year to look for them.
The weather was beautiful, just like the year before.
Barely chilly, breezy, sunny.
Just NICE.

My Colorado friend.
I guess we think the same.....

Last year, we went to Starbuck's.
Wish we would have known they had Caribou....
I prefer Caribou.
They have a coffee called Campfire, or something like that.
It's my favorite.
On a big wall in the back towards the bathrooms,
there was a chalkboard.
And chalk.
Write a note, they said.
So I did.
~~~~~~~Come to Texas where it's nice in the winter~~~~~~~

This is what the sky looked like the morning we left.
Kind of creepy.
We were in Sioux Falls for he
31st Annual Preaching Conference
Empire Baptist Temple
I took notes.
Two kinds.
One kind helps keep me alert, so I just write.
The other kind, are things I want to remember.
you can always point out somebody WORSE than you
nobody compares themselves with those
that consistently walk in the Spirit....


ancient one said...

So happy you get to see other scenes and decide to share them with us. Those things on the bridge were very interesting..

Leslie Berridge said...

Where was the midst inspiring thing you learned at the preaching conference?

Michele McEntire said...

It's coming Leslie.....what I learned.

Rebecca said...

You sure get around! And I'm looking forward to reading what you learned. Well, more of it anyway....

Do you EVER slow down?