Wednesday, October 15

Music Is Big

tapes, cd's, radio in car and house, TV music channel, music in restaurants and stores, BOOM BOOM BOOM in parking lots, church, Girl Scout camp, I (heart) Radio, Pandora, Playlist, You Tube, Commercials, Movies, TV Shows, ballgames to carnivals, I-pods, weddings to parades, phones, ZEDGE, prom to lullaby, records
music is everywhere 
Could we ever count the songs that have been written or sung?
Cowboy to Jazz
Opera to Bluegrass
Christmas to Rock
On and On and On it could go.
And it does.
Songs mark the times of our lives, they do cause floods of memories.
Jesus Thou Joy Of Loving Hearts makes me think of Kimberly, at the piano
Circle of Two.....listened to this tape the night Daniel was born
If I'd Known You Was Coming, I'd Have Baked a Cake.....Aunt Nancy
Carry Me Back To Old Virginia......trip with the girls
It's Such A Pretty World, Today!  Isabel, Kansas
The Last Word In Lonesome Is Me.....a song my dad used to sing
Music Box Dancer makes me think of working in the cafeteria at the Fuller Brush Factory in Great Bend, Kansas....and of a piano recital
Pirate Songs....makes me want to clean the house with Lydia
Don't Step On Mother's Roses, good old Johnny Cash....can't hear this song without my skin crawling.
You Are My only sunshine.....I don't care where I'm at or who I'm with,
this song makes me cry.  No matter what.
Train They Call the City Of New Orleans.....Lydia
Teddy Bear Parade.....days of Big Jon and Sparkie on the radio
Grandfather's Clock makes me think of my sister
Always has.
Trusting Jesus....Always Have, Always Will........makes me think of my girls
Swans on the Lake....girls/me/piano
Kelly Man Jelly, or is it Jelly Man Kelly?......the kids
Seasons In the Sun makes me think of Toni, my school friend
Soar!  The Kelly family and Colorado
Living By Faith ~~~~ Mission Boulevard Baptist Church
Country Bumpkin, this song was popular when my best friend's mom died.
Do you are what you eat?
If so, you should believe you ARE what you listen to.
If you listen to a song long enough, it becomes a part of you.
You listen to a certain kind of music long enough, and you become a person
you probably shouldn't be,
or better for it.
Test yourself.....after listening to a certain kind of music,
check your mood.
If music can make you sad.....make you want to dance.....make you want to praise the Lord....make you cry.....make you want to clean the house.....make you want to *jam*?.....
then it can make a rebel out of you.....
or soften your heart to the things of the Lord.
I'm highly affected by music.
I'm highly affected by weather.
I'm highly affected by smells.
I can control one of them, most of the time.
Most of the time, the music I listen to, is my choice.
Sometimes I'm in a restaurant and can't help it.
Would the Lord choose my music?
The Lord * hears * all of my music.
I got saved when I was 19.
I stopped listening to most of what I was familiar with.
But it's still in the back of my mind and heart somewhere.
Not all of it was bad.
Not all music is bad.
But some is.
Figure it out.
There are a kabillion songs out there.
Enjoy the good ones.
Psalm 40:3
And he hath put a new song in my mouth,
 even praise unto our God: many shall see it,
 and fear, and shall trust in the Lord.

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Rebecca said...

Wow! This post said a lot! And I agree about the effect (for good and/or bad) music has on our lives. You spent some time on this, didn't you -- showing the associations you have with so many songs....

Coming out of a public place, I hear a couple of lines from a song that caught my attention. Came home and looked up the lyrics that were about a woman who couldn't remember what happened yesterday, but ask her about Ellsworth KS 1948 - and she could remember it all. Fit some circumstances in my life - Mother's dementia & the fact that she lived near Ellsworth in 1948 (the year I was born)....